We are all busy women with so many different things on our plate. You might be a parent, work or attend school. Perhaps a mixture of everything. So I’m all for something that will make our life easier. I love scouring the internet to get other people’s tips, tricks and hacks for making their life easier.

For me, one of those things has to be the morning routine. If I can get my makeup done faster, and get ready for the day quicker, then it is all good. So here are some beauty hacks that I have found that will help your life and make your mornings easier.

Hair Removal

Let’s say you are headed to work and want to wear a skirt. Or how about a tank top? You need to make sure that your legs and underarms are hair free, right? At least I do anyway. So one of the best hacks I have discovered is laser hair removal. It does more than waxing and shaving as like it says; it removes the hairs. Pretty much winning. You can also use it if you tend to get a few stray hairs on your chin or the top of your lip. It will take some time for an appointment. But will save lots of time each morning when it is done. If you’re not sure where to look, just search online for the best laser hair removal clinic near you.

Oil Pulling

One great trend at the moment is oil pulling. Basically, it is putting coconut oil in your mouth, Then using your teeth, you ‘pull’ it between your teeth. When it is in a warm environment, like your mouth, it will become a liquid so it is easy to do. Not only does it help to whiten your teeth, but it can help with overall health too. So if you don’t have time just to sit with whitening strips on your teeth, then try oil pulling. The best thing to do is to do it for five minutes or so when you are in the shower. Saves time all around!



Hand Sanitizer

Not only is hand sanitizer good for washing your hands, but it can be used on your face too. As long as you use small amounts and avoid your eyes, that is. It can help with a shiny face. So if your skin is looking oily and there is no time for foundation, you can apply hand sanitizer. It will smooth your skin like a primer does, as well as hydrate your skin like a moisturizer does. I’m sure many of us have one of these small bottles in our handbag, right? So you could also use it during the day if you start to look a little shiny.

Lip Balm

I love lip balm, and it has many uses. You can use if on your lips, of course. But you can also use it on other dry areas of your skin. You can use it your nose, cheeks, and forehead, for example. You can also use it to smooth your brows and on your eyelids. It hydrates as well as helps any eyeshadow to stick.

Do you have a favorite beauty hack?

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