“Weight training? I can’t! It would make me look manly —- and bulky!” “You shouldn’t weight train you know. Because the day you stop, your body will convert that muscle into fat and you will balloon up!” These are some of the most ridiculous statements that most women hear when they mention or hear the word “strength training.”

If you are one such woman who believes these theories, then you are highly mistaken. Remember, these statements are as far from the truth as possible.

Still confused about what to believe and what not to? Here are clear answers for you.

1.    Weight training adds Bulk

Most fitness specialists are likely to blow up with frustration the next time they hear this statement. It is a commonly believed myth – in fact, one that is absolutely false. Why? Because strength training helps you lose a dress size or two! In simple words, you lose inches with weightlifting, not gain a few more.

The reason why you can’t become bulky or muscular like men with simple weight training is that your body does not produce testosterone to the limit needed for the bulk muscles. So stop worrying about becoming muscular and lift weight today because they tone up your muscles like nothing else.

2.    Myth vs. Reality: Resistance Training Takes at Least an Hour Each Day!

Not true. You can do resistance training for an hour if you like or you can do it for 20 minutes. Results are guaranteed. What is even more interesting is that you can even do it 4 days a week if that’s what you wish. As long as you are persistent with your efforts, you will gain the muscle mass that is desired.

Keep in mind though that this does not mean you can let the rest of days go by without even slight exercise, brisk walking or yoga. If strength training every day is daunting for you, you can lift weights three days a week and the other three days you can indulge in at-home cardio workout, dancing, brisk walking, swimming or even Yoga. Invest in trendy workout gear and accessories like butt lifters to keep your motivation level high.

3.    Myth vs. Reality: Muscles turn back into Fat

That’s like saying jelly can turn into wine. Yes, it is that strange. How can one thing turn into another when the two have no connection whatsoever, in this case, muscles and fat? These are two totally different organic compounds and cannot be transformed into each other. So relax, whoever told you this has no knowledge of the science of exercise.

What happens, in reality, is this. Your muscles lose strength as you stop training and as you consume more food, they start storing fat within them. This makes you gain weight and retain it. Hence the reason why you need to continue with weight training so that your body remains toned and firm. The good news is that weight training helps burn belly fat.

4.    Myth vs. Reality: Only with Pain can Strength Training work

Pain does not mean you torture yourself to get the perfectly toned body that you so desire. Many people believe that the sign of resistance training being effective is that your body screams with pain. This is a lie, please note this. Pushing yourself does not imply that you have to hurt yourself. There will be discomfort as your muscles will not be used to working out, but it would only be to the point that you can bear it with ease.

If you feel that your muscles are burning, you’re lifting too much weight or doing it too frequently. Most importantly, you’re not giving your muscles the time to repair themselves. Do it slowly and increase the weight gradually so that your muscles can firm up with ease.

5.    Myth vs. Reality: Weight of Muscles is more than fat

Researchers would laugh when they hear you say this, muscles weigh more than fat. The truth of the matter is muscles and fat weight exactly the same. There is a difference between mass and density though. When fat is spread out, it will cover more area but muscle wont. Muscles have more density as compared to fat though. And this gives you the firm, toned look everyone so cherishes.

If anyone ever tells you that by lifting the weight you will look manlier, or that you will look like you are ready to enter women’s weightlifting championship, have them read this article too. For now, start strength training to achieve the body you have always dreamed off. Good luck!


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Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write about a healthy lifestyle, fitness 101 and DIY related topics. Follow @judyrobinson for more updates.


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