Buying Cardio Equipment? Read This First!

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If you’re considering buying some cardio equipment to use in your fitness regime, you may find that settling on one model is a pretty daunting task. There are so many choices out there, and none of them are cheap! While there are a lot of good options to choose from, there’s also a lot of misinformation and confusing, conflicting advice. If picking your cardio equipment is causing nothing but headaches, here’s a few helpful tips for getting the right model.

Consider Why You Want It

Why exactly have you decided to buy your cardio equipment? Are you training for a marathon or other big sports event, or do you usually go for jogs and need somewhere to run when the weather’s poor? Are you using the equipment as part of the recovery for surgery, an injury, or another medical condition? Are you simply looking for one more way to improve your fitness? If you’re not the only exercise nut in the house, you also need to think about whether you’ll be the sole user, or whether other people in the house are going to be using it. Another simple, but still very important consideration, is the size you have available, and what you can realistically bring into your home. These are all important considerations for when you’re looking at the deck length, program options, motor specs and so on. Just don’t become too wrapped up in this, because…

It’s Not All About the Specs!


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If you buy an exercise bike, or any other kind of cardio equipment based on what the specs are, you’ll only be setting yourself up for disappointment and frustration in the future. Various different brands will have various different philosophies when it comes to building their equipment. Bigger motors don’t mean better motors. Gimmicky extra features like a fan and speakers doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get better value. Specialized, high-end brands will usually use higher-quality motors, which will run cooler and with more efficiency than the brands you’ll find at a regular, big-box outlet. They’ll also have thicker, more durable decks, higher quality rollers, and better belts. There are many models which will sacrifice performance and durability in order for its specs to look better on paper, so be wary of these!

Do Your Research


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When you read the product descriptions for pieces of cardio equipment, they’re all going to sound pretty fantastic. Obviously though, the company isn’t going to let on any of the product’s downsides! Once you’ve narrowed your search down a bit, make sure you’re looking at content like these Sole F85 treadmill reviews. These will guide you not only through the specs and features, but will also let you know about the product’s various benefits and downsides. Features that may be important to a competitive runner won’t be so much of a big deal to working moms who just want to get healthier. Similarly, some potential weaknesses aren’t going to matter to some people, and be total deal breakers for others. Read as much as you can from as many impartial sources as possible before settling on a decision!

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