A cup of coffee carries different meanings for different people.  Some get a cup to get going in the morning. For these folks, it is a way to keep them alert throughout a hectic day. For some, it’s just ingrained into their system that it already became a ritual. Whatever the reason, coffee has a huge impact on millions of lives. But there’s some dark secret that comes along with coffee consumption. One of such is its acidity. Being acidic means that it can get your stomach racing after a few cups which in turn can cause bloating.

Bloating is a condition wherein your digestive system is not functioning efficiently.  Among the side effects is feeling full and oftentimes painful tummy.  Your cup of coffee does hold a lot of answers when it comes to bloating. Here is the reason why.

Coffee is acidic

In reality, coffee beans are naturally acidic. Raw, unroasted beans have several acids in with both bad and good. But most of these organic acids are gone after roasting. These acids have a huge influence over the “acidity” of your beans. That distinct sour flavor of your beans is achieved with the right roasting process.

The darker the roast, the less acid taste you have for your coffee. This perhaps contradicts the fact that lighter roasts are less irritating for your digestive tract. That is because having sour flavor does not actually equate to having a higher capacity to irritate digestion. It is the roasting process that affects the breaking down of the chlorogenic acids to form quinic acids. These are the acids that direct the astringency of your drink which in turn irritates your digestive tract. This results in the production of excess gastric acids which can cause bloating.

Your creamer

Most of the people enjoying their morning ritual love to add flavor and additional aroma to their blend. And the best way to alter or improve the flavor is to add creamer into it. This creates a better atmosphere for many people getting their dose of caffeine in their mornings. It simply makes the experience more palatable.

But these days, however, it is as though coffee is just a flavoring for their dose of milk. Most of the modern blends you can find in popular coffee shops have loads of creamer in it. Most of the coffee creamer is derived from dairy products which can cause indigestion or allergies to some individuals when taken in huge amounts. Lactose intolerance is common than you think.

As milk can affect digestion it affects the gas production in your belly. This makes you feel bloated and full for quite some time. For some people, this can even lead to diarrhea.

Too much sugar

This is yet another culprit that sits very close when it comes to bloating. But many times people underestimate the effects of sugar on the digestive system.

On average, a cup of flavorful coffee comes with a tablespoon of sugar. This makes your coffee taste better and but not to the extent of diluting its natural fullness.

These days however we consume a lot of sugary foods daily. Cakes and pastries are just around the corner and it gives us the perk to keep the mood in check. This is the same effect sugar in coffee has although often overlooked.

Sugar is not seen as the culprit for bloating but it can be giving you that unwanted fullness for a very long time without you knowing it. Most people cannot digest a huge amount of sugar in one sitting but you are probably enjoying it in huge amounts from your average brew.


When you feel hungry your body is already keeping track of your digestive system in full capacity, getting ready for your next meal in line. But if you enjoy multiple cups of coffee throughout the day your body’s capacity to track your hunger can go awry making you feel full even if you skip a meal.

This can alter your gastric juices as well. Too much acid in your stomach while you skipping your meal may not pose a huge threat to your well-being but it can trigger changes in your digestive process.

And coffee by itself is already a huge influence on your gastrointestinal functions. Getting that additional burden into your system will be creating a disturbance to a huge degree.

So after knowing the workings of an acid and the love for coffee, what can be done? The best way is to stop coffee drinking but this approach can be very challenging and at times impossible for some people. Thus it would be better to limit your coffee session into 2 cups each day. Depending on the individual, a cup or 2 should be enough to give you the perk you crave for.

It’s also good to look for an alternative dairy-free creamer. This will not just lessen your bloating but can as well lessen your fat intake which can help reduce your waistline in the long run. If you cannot fully avoid that dairy-based product, then lessen your consumption. This is the best alternative for you to enjoy the same product while trimming the chances of getting that bloated sensation.

You also need to keep track of the amount of sugar you put into your coffee. Many times it’s not the coffee that drives people to visit the next Starbucks but the sugar that hypes the senses. As much as possible it would help you make your own cup of brew at home so you know the right amount of sweetness for your enjoyment.


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