What Interior Design Style Am I?

Are you starting from scratch in a new home but finding it hard to start decorating? There are so many interior design styles to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out a definitive idea of your home—especially if you aren’t even really sure what your style is. Maybe you haven’t had a space that truly felt your own, or was never given the opportunity to fully decorate and flesh out a home decor style.

The only way to figure out your design style is to try. Because there are so many options available, here are a few of the most prominent interior design styles on the scene today. Notice what you are naturally drawn to and see if any of these things sound familiar in the styles listed below. Here are some styles that may strike a chord with you and let you know what to pursue in your home decor.

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Don’t Let Moving With Kids Drive You Round The Bend!

If there’s one thing that just about everyone can agree on, it’s that moving house can be pretty stressful. Of course, if you really want to make things as difficult as possible, try doing it with small children in tow! Anyone with kids will know that they make trying to do just about anything three or four times harder and more time consuming than it would otherwise be. So when you’re faced with the stress of moving house combined with the madness of dealing with young children, it’s enough to send just about anyone round the bend. But don’t worry! Because here is your guide to moving house with kids without going completely insane.

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Your complete Guide to Bathtub Sizes

If you thought bathtubs had a standard size, you are wrong. There are a number of types and sizes of bathtubs available in the market and the first question you need to answer is the size of bathtub you want to purchase. You need to learn about the bathtub sizes available in the market before you make a decision to buy.

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Why Curtain is a Better Choice Over Window Blinds?

When you are picking the dressings for your house windows you are faced with the age-old question of curtains or window blinds?. Personally, I would decide on curtains for my home each and every time.

Blinds are ok for your dentist’s waiting rooms and for your workplace but for the home, curtains are the only option. They add a touch of elegance and style to any room they’re in and these days there is a wider variety to pick from than ever before.

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Home Décor: Minimal Is the New Luxury

People tend to underestimate minimalistic décor because they consider it to be easily achievable. The truth is that it is a well-thought through and classical approach to decorating your home. And it’s having a debut as a new luxurious décor all those into sophisticated and stylish interior designs can’t wait to implement in their homes. Minimalistic décor is more than using just less colour and items. It’s the way you approach interior designing and how your furniture and accessories correspond to the space they occupy. Sterile and cold minimalistic décors have evolved into warm and welcoming without losing their elegant charm.

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Rose Seduction: Create a Floral Bedroom

Flowers invoke happiness and joy with their cheerful colors, seductive scents, and attractive shapes. So it’s not surprising that they started ending up on wallpapers, linens and other parts of home décor, and that’s been going on for quite a while. Floral arrangements have decorated bedrooms in one shape or another to give it fresh and peaceful look. Although many might find this design a bit tacky, floral patterns have gone a long way and today they come in different shapes and sizes, ranging from contemporary pastel arrangements to vintage delicate one.

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