“Get Over It”: The Damage This Phrase Does To Emotional Health

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There are few more emotionally damaging phrases that “get over it”.

It sounds a strange thing to say to a phrase we hear all the time. Angry about how the bus was late? Get over it. Struggling with your confidence at work and general workload? You have to earn money somehow; get over it. Upset over an argument with a friend? Make up or get over it.

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Feeling a little blue? Boost your confidence with these 5 simple steps

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It’s hard to feel utterly fabulous these days when we constantly have what is considered to be perfect or “the ideal” rubbed in our faces at every given opportunity.

Don’t worry, we all feel a little glum at times. When my skin decides to flare up and gift me with spots all over the place, I just want to hide under the covers and cry until they’ve disappeared, but sometimes that’s just not an option.

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Hassle-Free Health Hacks You Can Use To Stay Healthy At Work

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Is stress getting you down? Are you struggling with back pain? Have your joints been aching of late? If so, it’s time to start looking after yourself at work. Every year, millions of working days are lost as a result of work-related illness. You can’t prevent every ache, pain or accident, but you can try and reduce the risk. Here are some hassle-free hacks that will help you stay healthy at work.

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Smile. It’s Good For You

Throughout our lives we’re trained to smile as a result of something.  Someone tells you a joke? You smile.  Somebody gives you a compliment? You smile.  It’s a reaction, not an action.  What if switching the order around a bit could make you happier though?  What if smiling before something happens could make your life better?

As it turns out, science shows that this is a good idea.

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How Working in Another Country Can Improve You Personally and Professionally

You may want to work abroad for a host of reasons. It could come down to the job market in your current country being extremely saturated so you are forced to work abroad as there is just nothing available in the country you’re in. Even if there are a large number of jobs available in the country you’re in, there are still a number of benefits you can get by going abroad. It can also be seen as an ideal opportunity to travel and meet new people and you will also be improving your career prospects. Here’s how working in another country can improve your personally and professionally.

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