7 Tips for Making Your Wedding Fit Your Personality

The problem with wedding websites, magazines, and blogs is that the writers often assume that you want to plan a wedding that reflects the popular style of the time. That’s why many of those articles are titled “The Top Wedding Trends of 2019!” or “Wedding Trends that are Out!”. While these articles may be helpful for 95 percent of brides and grooms, there are some who care little about current trends. Here are tips for making your wedding fit your personality.

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Who Do I Need To Hire For My Wedding?

When planning out your wedding, it’s useful to have a list of all the people you need to hire. Here are some of the main professionals you’ll need to hire for the day along with some tips on how to find the best talent.

Hair and makeup

At the beginning of your wedding day, you’ll need someone to take care of your hair and makeup. There are stylists out there that specialise in wedding hairstyles and makeup – these are usually the best choice. It’s worth booking a stylist a few months ahead and arranging a meetup the week before to do a trial so that you’re happy with your look.


You may be able to get a friend or family member to drive you to the ceremony to save money, however those wanting to take the traditional approach may prefer a chauffeur. You could choose to hire an independent driver or you could go through a transport company which may a fleet of vehicles to choose from. This is something to similarly book a couple months ahead in order to reserve the ideal vehicle.

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It’s worth hiring a professional to photograph/video your wedding – you want someone experienced who understands the pace of a wedding. When choosing a photographer/videographer, be sure to check out their portfolio to get a good idea of the quality of their work. This is something you want to arrange at least nine months in advance – the top photographers and videographers get booked up early.

The flowers/decorations

You’ll probably want to get some flowers and decorations sorted for the venue. Some venues may have staff that are able to do this – if not you’ll have to hire your own vendors. You should hire a florist a few months in advance in order to plan out the flowers you want. Decorations are something that you may be able to get a friend or family member to do for you, although you may prefer to hire wedding decorators if you have something elaborate planned out.


Some venues will similarly be able to handle food and drink for you, however you may prefer to handpick your own catering company if you’ve got a specific style in mind. Decide whether you want a sit-down meal with waited staff or a buffet service such as this one. As for drinks, decide what kind of bar service you want and whether you’ll supply your own drinks.

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When it comes to wedding entertainment, most couples opt for a DJ. However, it’s also possible to hire a live band as listed here. Other entertainment could include fireworks, dancers and even a magician to go around tables. As with photographers, entertainment is something you’ll want to book up as early as possible in order to secure the right act.

The cake

The wedding cake is an important detail that many people leave until the last minute. However, the best wedding cake makers get booked up early, so this is something you may also want to arrange a couple months in advance. Take a look at each wedding cake maker’s portfolio so that you can decide whether their style of cake making suits you.  

Wedding planning

If all this sounds daunting, you could always hire a wedding planner to handle all of these aspects for you. This can take away all the stress and they’ll likely have some great connections and possibly even access to exclusive discounts, allowing them to get more for your budget. It’s best to hire a wedding planner a year in advance so that they have enough time to thoroughly prepare your wedding.

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Useful Advice On How To Overcome Challenges Of Your Husband’s Deployment

A Difficult Situation

Deployment isn’t easy for anyone. It’s the job itself. It is a date far off in the future and then suddenly right before you, and then he’s gone. He could be gone for a few months or a few years. Now you’ve got to hold the pieces together while he’s gone. This is difficult for the newly married couple—he’s got to be without you, as well.

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Look Gorgeous in Your Wedding Photos with These Bridal Makeup Tips

As the big day slowly approaches, there are plenty of things to do and take care of. Hopefully, you already have your dress ready and the venue booked. However, you shouldn’t forget the essential part of every bridal look – makeup. Makeup deserves the same attention as your hairstyle for your wedding day. You naturally want to look your best, so it’s very important that your wedding rehearsals also include your makeup trials.

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Unique Wedding Venues for a Fairytale Wedding

Everybody dreams of having a perfect wedding surrounded by people they love, a fairytale wedding the guests will praise for being original and remarkable. However, organising a one of a kind wedding is not as easy as it may seem. If you’re fed up with classic and conventional weddings that all look alike, then consider one of these unique wedding venues.

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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Wedding

When you love someone, you wish that feeling could last and you hope you can save that feeling forever. Getting married to the love of your life is the best feeling in the world, and you want to cherish every possible moment with your beloved. Picking the perfect wedding ring is just one of those important things which will become a big part of your love story. You want the wedding ring you give to each other to be just right, and we offer you a couple of useful tips which will help you find the right one.

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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Caterer for Your Wedding

Perfect food presentation is going to be just one of the many things that should leave a great impression on your wedding guests. This is why, after you’ve picked the venue, you must hire an excellent catering service that will make your big day truly memorable. However, choosing the right caterer isn’t always easy, because there are various factors that’ll influence your final decision.

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How to Organize Your Glamorous Wedding on a Budget

The act of planning and dreaming about some of the most important occasions in your life is truly special for every individual. Organizing your wedding in your head is simply one of the most beautiful daydreams you can contemplate over. But when your dreams become reality, and it’s actually time to throw your wedding, will it all go as planned? If you used to imagine a luxurious event that celebrates love, which doesn’t seem possible to pull off because of your budget, you still don’t need to sacrifice your ideals. With careful organization and some useful tricks, you can organize a magnificent wedding fit for royalty.

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