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Holydays are here, which means that it’s high time you started thinking about your geeky loved ones and their Christmas presents. If you’ve already used all of your ideas for gifts, and you’ve given them all that you could think of, you need to awaken the geek inside you and start thinking like one. The world of geekiness is a big one, so you need to be prepared in order to do some serious shopping for Holydays. Let’s explore the list of ideas that you can use to make your geeks happier for the holidays.

For the Geek Who Loves Music

Whether they love a particular rock bend, or just the soundtrack from the Lord of the Rings, your geeky friends who enjoy listening to music will be delighted with a music-inspired gift. However, your effort to find them a perfect present should include more than just buying them a CD. Instead, try to be more creative, and try to look from a geek’s perspective. You would probably want something rare and unique, right? Then follow your instinct! You can opt for a custom made vinyl, which is a far better choice than a CD. If your geeky friend who loves music also loves gadgets, a pair of Bluetooth headphones will enable them to go on their personal quest while listening to the Star Wars soundtrack.


For the Fashionable Geek

If your geeky friends are proud of their geekiness, what’s better way to help them show off than by getting them clothes to suit their personality? Of course, you need to know what type of geek they are. Elegant geeks who wear suits and ties can complete their looks with fashionable, but geeky cufflinks inspired by their favourite comic book, or movie.


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A casual aficionado of video games, for example, Assassin’s Creed, will appreciate the Assassin’s Creed hoodie. Some geeks prefer keeping their geekiness to themselves, so a Jedi robe or pyjamas with Harry Potter motifs will be a better choice for them. When it comes to geeky girl friends, you can surprise them with some leggings inspired by the Big Bang Theory or Star Trek party dress. Who knows, you might discover what type of geek you are along the way.

For the Geek Who Loves Board Games

If your inner geek cannot resist the lure of playing board games with your friends, you probably know who among you is the most ardent fan. Once you identify that ultimate geek, the one who loves being the game master, you can figure out what’s the perfect present. One interesting option for a gift that you can make yourself is a card holder.


With little imagination and devotion, you can create a beautiful and practical card holder for your board game loving friend. Some other great ideas include other board game accessories and game extensions. Regardless of whether the board game geek loves the Settlers of Catan, Cosmic Encounter or Arkham Horror, you can figure out an amazing gift that will ensure you a place in the circle forever.

For the Collector Geek


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There’s always at least one geek who loves collecting and displaying their collection. Depending on their interest, you can obtain props from your geeky friends’ favourite movies, such as Dart Vader helmet, lightsabres, action figures, or the first issue of their favourite comic books. Such gifts can be expensive and even if you’ve missed Black Friday you can take advantage of many discounts during the Christmas period to get them.

What If Nothing Works?

Sometimes you really cannot think of the perfect gift for your geeky friends, especially if you’re not one of the geeks. If that is the case with you, you can opt for Christmas gift cards and enable your geeks to get what they’ve always wanted to. After all, who knows what geeks want better than the geeks themselves?


Buying gifts can be difficult, and buying gifts for geeks can sometimes be impossible. However, if you are not afraid to explore the world of geekiness, you might come up with great ideas that your geeky friends will love.


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