If you thought bathtubs had a standard size, you are wrong. There are a number of types and sizes of bathtubs available in the market and the first question you need to answer is the size of bathtub you want to purchase. You need to learn about the bathtub sizes available in the market before you make a decision to buy.

Types and sizes of bathtubs

When you are buying a bathtub, you need to consider the space you wish to fill. If your space is not large enough, you will not be able to accommodate a bathtub inside the bathroom. Most people have no idea about the size of bathtub they are looking for. First of all, you need to measure the space available in your bathroom. Based on the same, you can scout the market for available options. Understand the types and bathtub sizes to make a well-informed decision.

Alcove bathtubs: An alcove bathtub is suitable for a narrow bathroom and it can be installed width wise. This means you can use three walls inside the bathroom with two long walls forming the ends of the bathtub and the back wall will be the side. It is very important for the bathtub to fit close to the walls of the bathroom. These tubs are mostly 15” to 20” wide and 4.5’ to 6’ long. For small sized bathrooms, the ideal size is 4.5’.

Oval bathtubs: Available in different sizes, oval bathtubs are usually 60” long and 41” wide. They are in a stand-alone or drop in style and tend to look bigger on the outside, but in reality, they are not that long. The height of the tub is usually 24”.

Whirlpool tubs: These tubs are ideal for those who want a relaxing experience. They are luxurious and 60” long and 32” wide. Whirlpool tubs come in 5’ alcove sizes as well. You need to have enough space inside your bathroom to install a whirlpool tub. It is easier to install a whirlpool tub when the house is under construction.

Corner bathtubs: The corner bathtub is the largest in terms of size. It measures 60” long and 60” wide. It is like a huge square shaped tub which can be nicely placed in the master bedroom. They are also known as the best loungers and give a luxuriously relaxing experience.

Before you consider the options of bathtubs available in the market, you need to keep the size in mind. There is no standard size that fits all bathrooms. Consider the area available in the bathroom and then look for the types and sizes of tubs that are suitable for you. It does not make sense to change everything inside the bathroom to fit a tub; it will cost you thousands of dollars and efforts. Always choose a bathtub which is suitable for your usage requirements and can be easily installed inside the bathroom without having to make major changes inside the space.

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