Cross-training workout is great for martial artists helping improve you as a martial artist. Becoming good at something requires more than just training or sparring continuously. This is what cross-training does for you as a martial artist. Greatly helping in improving your fitness, injury prevention, coordination, mental strength, and balance. This is the time to pack up your cross fit gear and start on that training to become the better martial artist you wanted to be.


Improving the body’s cardiovascular system preparing it for demands and strain of martial arts requires by developing and strengthening legs, hips, back muscles, joints and ligaments running is essential. This makes you stronger avoiding sprains and strains which are great for a martial artist of every discipline.


Burpees might have already been included in your warmup or workout routine in the martial art gym. But if not then start doing these from now. These improve power, muscular and cardio endurance, and agility. Working on the most body part which will improve speed.

Box Jumps

Box jumps are great for strength and speed but it is risky if you don’t do it the right way. It will be effective when done properly so, it is better to have some professional train you for it. Explosive strikes, strong knees, and powerful lower body are some benefits of box jumps.


Core strength and better posture are how Pilates make you a better martial artist. Improper posture leaves some muscles weak while others strong, this causes an imbalance in the body making it weak. Don’t worry Pilates practice will make it right with more practice and time. This is a tested and trusted workout, both professional and amateur use it to perfect their form and become better as a martial artist


Deadlifts strengthen glutes, hamstrings, lower back, and core. This improves your grip and leg locks. Do these properly maintaining the right form or you can hurt yourself. Straighten the back, point toes forward, bend the knees slightly as you lower the bar. Stretch in hamstrings and not in the quads is how you know you are doing it right. Deadlifts are my favorite just thinking about them I want to pack my workout bag and go to the gym.


Thrusters also help train and improve your cardiovascular fitness and upper body power. They are simple with feet shoulder-width apart as you stand to hold the barbell in front of shoulders does a squat. Use the momentum coming back up pushing barbell up your head. Hold the barbell with fingers pointing outwards with wrists under the barbell.


Squats are very important to improve and strengthen the lower body. Squats activate quads, glutes, hamstrings, and the core making them strong. This also requires a great focus on form. There are different forms of squats which you should try. Get the help of some professional or trainer if you are even a little doubtful about your form. Doing it wrong can lead to serious injury. Lower yourself slowly, the knees shouldn’t collapse inwards, knees would go further than toes, squat full (it is more beneficial than half-squat), and them get back up. Take a second or two to rest and repeat.

Ready, Set, Go

Many believe that weightlifting or weight training is counterproductive for martial artists. These make you slow. Primarily because it makes the body bulky. While there might be a little truth to that but it greatly improves your strength. Not just the upper but lower body too which helps greatly for martial arts. This also makes the muscles and joints less prone to martial arts injuries. These factors improve your performance and strength. Hence you are one step close to your goals. Just remember to maintain proper form and don’t overdo it. Take the help of professionals when needed.

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