Some of us are blessed with hair that is naturally curly whereas some of us are not. Those of us who do not have those soft waves or bouncy curls would go to any extent to achieve those beautiful curls. We live in a decade where creating artificial curls is not time-consuming and expensive as it used to be earlier.

Our markets are filled with a wide range of hairstyling products that are designed to transform you straight, soft and silky hair into perfect curls and the most commonly used products to create curly locks are the heated tools used for hairstyling. You don’t have to use a heated tool all the time to achieve those curls. However, this is the easiest way to create perfectly defined curls in a very short time without even the slightest hint of artificiality. These curls also tend to stay in place for a longer period compared to the other ways of curling your hair.

Remember the following tips to get those perfect looking curly locks.

The type of curling iron

There are mainly three types of curling irons that are used commonly: The tourmaline curling iron, the ceramic curling iron, and the titanium curling iron. All these curling irons emit negative ions that are necessary to add a shine to your hair and it can also smoothen and moisturize the cuticle of your hair. The negative ion emitted by a tourmaline curling iron is at least 6 times higher than the other curling irons adding a greater amount of shine to your hair. Heat is evenly distributed in the ceramic curling iron and it does not pull on the strands and lets your hair glide through the barrel smoothly. Like the ceramic iron, heat is also evenly distributed in the titanium curling iron and this prevents your hair from sticking on the surface of the barrel. You need to understand the type of curling iron that you have before styling your hair.

Curling iron: Different Sizes

Curling irons are available in different sizes. Depending on the size of the curls that you prefer and the length of your hair you can choose a size between 3/8 inch to 2 inches. Choose a bigger size if you want to create soft waves and a smaller size if you want to create spiral curls. A curling iron with a smaller barrel size would be the best curling iron for short fine hair.


The temperature of your curling iron is an important factor while curling your hair. The temperature needs to be set somewhere around 200 degrees Fahrenheit for people with thin strands of hair (a higher temperature could burn your strands) and around 300 degrees Fahrenheit for people with hair that is thicker, to get the perfect curls.

A curling iron can create elegant and beautiful looking curls or soft waves but to achieve this you need to have a perfect understanding of your curling iron. Get to know your curling iron and the best ways to use it, to get the desired results.

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