When it comes to wedding planning, you need to make sure you are organized, so you don’t forget anything. A lot of people do all the big things and leave other essentials till the last minute. But then if you can’t get hold of stuff, it can be disappointing. Also, some things can take a while to organize, so you need to do it earlier than you think. Here are some wedding essentials that you should not leave till the last minute.

Wedding suits

Your guy might make excuses for delaying going and getting his wedding suit, but you need to tell him to get it sorted sooner rather than later. It can often take a while to find a wedding suit that’s right, and he may need one ordered into the store. Therefore, he needs to go as soon as possible, so it arrives in time for the wedding. Also, with ushers and the best man needing a suit, he needs to get them sorted too. They might need their choices altering so don’t leave it till the last minute.

Gift list

When sorting out your invites, you should be putting on there what gifts you and your other half would like. Therefore, you need to get your gift list sorted as soon as you can. Decide which store you are going to request your gifts are from, and then go and have a chat with them. You can then start scanning the presents you want, and they can make a list for you. You may decide to get an online gift list instead of a traditional store. Whatever your decision, make it earlier rather than later!


Another wedding essential that you should sort out before last minute is the rings. You don’t know what type you will like when you try them on, so you need to head down to the stores ASAP. It’s so important to choose something you love as you have to wear it every single day. Go to stores and ask to see various types such as Tacori wedding rings. They may not have your wedding ring size in store, so they may need to order them in.


When sorting out the wedding essentials, you should make sure you write down a list of all the decorations you need. You may be organizing all the table decor, so you need to look for this well in advance. There are so many sites that do wedding decorations, so make sure you sit down and research what’s available. You may want to make them yourself, and if this is the case, you will have to start creating them well in advance.

wedding essentials

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Hair and makeup

You don’t want to regret hair and makeup choices so make sure you leave enough time to get trials before choosing the one you like. They get booked up quickly, so make sure you email and see firstly who’s available on the date of your wedding, and how much they will charge. You may need to organize hair and makeup for your bridesmaids too, so ask them in advance if they want it.

Leaving these till the last minute will cause extra stress you don’t need!


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