The world detox can often send people running for the hills. There’s just something about it that seems terrifying to most. Although it’s exciting to some, the idea of detoxing has been criticised to the extreme, leaving some people fearful of ever having to do it. When in reality, it’s not always as difficult as it’s made out to be.

The process of detoxification allows your body to recenter, breathe and destress. When you feel like it’s time to focus on your health, a detox can be a good place to start. It’s also an incredible option for when you’re feeling lethargic, run down or when you’ve got bad skin. But, rather than fear a painful experience, or set yourself an impossible challenge, consult these five ideas for a little of alternative detoxing inspiration.

Drink More

Although you may be thinking of days without eating, odd supplements and a lot of juicing, detoxing doesn’t have to be taken to the extreme, or involve fasting. All ideas are often optional, but if you do want to ease yourself in and start of slow, it would be an idea to up your water intake. Water is crucial for keeping your body running and your brain functioning. When you don’t get enough, you feel sluggish and every process takes a lot more work. But, when you drink at least 2 litres of water a day, you’ll have more energy, your digestion will improve and your skin will glow.

Do A Cleanse

If the word cleanse makes you think of the most extreme sort of detox imaginable, step back and take a breathe. Rather than assume, think about cleansing your body really means. It doesn’t mean starving yourself, quite the opposite in fact. The aim of a cleanse is to provide your body with the nutrients it needs to improve. By doing a 3, 7, or 30 Day Nutritional Cleanse, you’re allowing your body to be cleansed of junk, get rid of toxins and have more energy.

Increase Your Vitamins

When you eat a lot of the same types of foods, and not enough fruit or vegetables, you can often find that you start to feel a bit off. You might get tired easier, have trouble sleeping, or even find it harder to concentrate. Without the essentials vitamins and minerals in your diet, this will never change. However, opting to include a multivitamin supplement in your diet might do the trick.

Go Sugar-Free

Along with an unbalanced diet, you might find that you’re eating far too much sugar – more than what’s recommended anyway (it’s even tougher when you have a sweet tooth). So, occasionally, or if you can handle doing it for life, it’s worth going sugar free. Removing sugar from your diet might sound hard at first, but the benefits will soon show in your skin, teeth and energy levels.


You may have heard of tea detoxes before, and while some may be a fad, the idea of adding health teas into your diet is not. There are proven benefits of having peppermint tea and green tea (or match) in your diet, such as increasing your metabolism and energy levels. Chamomile tea is also great to get to sleep at night and even something as simple as hot water with lemon is a great morning fat-burner booster.

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