Do you like dates? Are you a fan of healthy snacks in general? If you have answered affirmatively to either one of these two questions, you should keep on reading. In the paragraphs below, you can find out more information on why you should consume dates on a daily basis. You might not be aware of this for a fact, but it is sufficient to consume 3 dates in a day, to gain immense health benefits. Dried fruits are of the healthiest snacks out there and date definitely stands at the top of the list.

  1. Pain & inflammation relief

Dates are rich in magnesium, a mineral which is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. For this reason, the daily consumption of dates is recommended to those who suffer from different types of arthritis. Moreover, dates have been shown to reduce the inflammation present at the level of arteries; they can bring the risk of heart disease down to a minimum and also protect against neurodegenerative conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease (inflammation is considered one of the underlying changes in case of dementia).

  1. Improved digestion

One of the main advantages that dates bring to the table is a rich fiber content. Once you begin eating dates on a daily basis, you will improve the health of your gastrointestinal tract. The soluble fiber can help with bowel movements, not to mention the fact that dates can improve the gut microflora. So, when you eat dates, you can finally say goodbye to that discomfort you’ve been battling with.

  1. Energy boost

If you are feeling tired, depleted of energy or simply exhausted, you should consider eating more dates. With only three dates per day, you will boost your energy levels and feel better in an instant. Dates represent a natural source of glucose, which we all know to be the main fuel our bodies require. You should know that these dried fruits are more capable of providing energy than energy drinks or power bars. When it comes to the different causes of joint pain, eating dates can help too – as you are given more energy, you will also move more and, thus, improve the functionality of the suffering joints.

  1. Anemia prevention

Anemia is one of the most common medical complaints in the general population and especially among women and children. If you are suffering from iron-deficient anemia or you want to prevent the appearance of this condition, you might want to add dates to your daily menu. Dates are rich in iron, which makes them more than perfect for replenishing your iron levels. Once you begin consuming dates, you will notice an improvement in your anemia-specific symptoms. You will not feel as tired, finding it easier to go through your daily schedule.

  1. Strong Bones

One of the easiest ways to keep both your teeth and bones strong is to consume more dates. These are rich in manganese, a mineral that is responsible for facilitating the absorption of calcium. Once calcium is properly absorbed at the level of the body, it will keep your bones strong and healthy. Dates are especially recommended to women who are menopausal; this is because the hormonal imbalance can impair the calcium absorption, increasing the risk of osteoporosis. The consumption of dates can prevent all of these problems, reducing the risk of subsequent fractures at the same time.

  1. Soft and supple skin

When it comes to skin health, dates are more beneficial than you might think. If you begin to include dates in your diet, in a short period, you will notice that your skin has become both soft and supple. This is because dates are chock full of beneficial substances, including vitamins and minerals. These are the most important ones, with plenty of benefits for the skin: magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, B vitamins, etc. So, you see, dates nourish the skin from within, allowing you to maintain a youthful appearance for a longer period. Moreover, they keep the skin elastic, and they prevent the appearance of premature aging signs, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

  1. Healthier hair

The daily consumption of dates is beneficial for the health of the hair as well. This is because dates are rich in vitamins and minerals, which will nourish and strengthen the hair at the same time. As the hair follicles become stronger, you will notice that your hair has regained its natural luster. Dates can make your hair soft and shiny, as they nourish it to perfection.

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In conclusion, these are some of the main reasons for you should consider eating at least 3 dates per day. If you are looking for an additional measure to improve the health of your joints, you can consider taking joint health supplements. Osteo Bi-Flex is a highly-efficient supplement that supports healthy joints and allows you to remain active for as long as it is possible.

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