Effective Ways Of Dealing With Four Of The Most Common Facial Skin Issues

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Okay, let’s say that your beauty drawers and bathroom cabinets are rammed with facial skin products. You’ve got lotions and potions, oils and scrubs, face brushes and masks galore. But even still, nothing seems to be helping. Read on for a guide to some of the most effective ways of dealing with common skin issues!

Clogged up skin doesn’t just look unattractive, it can feel uncomfortable and make you feel self-conscious. You may be suffering from blackheads on your nose, or whiteheads on your chin, for example. Your solution might be just to pile on more makeup. However, doing this could be making the issue even worse.

If this is your main skin issue, let a twice-monthly facial come to the rescue. Many experts will say that putting your cash in this direction, rather than on high-street ‘miracle cures’ is much wiser. After all, you’re not just paying for the top-quality products they apply. You’re also paying for the method of application and massage. This gets the blood and oxygen in your skin flowing as it should be. This massage can also help things that your skin needs to be unclogged to move about, like elastin and collagen. You can also look for the best vitamin c serum and add it to your daily skin care routine as this will help build up collagen production.

Alternatively, is your problem with oily skin? There are a number of reasons why you might be suffering from oily skin. It could be hereditary, or it could be a result of your diet. However, there is something else you should definitely look at. It’s something many people forget, it in the quest to have ‘the latest’ or ‘most hyped’ beauty product. What kind of foundation are you using on your skin? Do some research on powder foundation vs liquid foundation. For example, an oil-based foundation isn’t helping anything. In fact, it is just packing extra oils onto your face. Not only will this mean that your foundation doesn’t last, but it also means that everything else you’ve applied will come off as well. This means a waste of time applying it, and a waste of money too.

Effective Ways Of Dealing With Four Of The Most Common Facial Skin Issues1

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On the other hand, the issue may be that you have dry skin. In this case, a little bit of oil in your products might be useful. Applying an oil-free powder to dry skin can make you look cakey, and even cause flakey bits. So, be sure that your foundation -and indeed all of your makeup– is properly suited to your skin type. Don’t buy your products just because they’re what your fave celeb endorses, or friend uses. If you’re not sure, go and speak to a specialist at a beauty counter. Don’t feel pressured to buy their products, or at least not on the day. Good specialists won’t pressure you in this way anyway. If all else fails, just use the old ‘I’ll come back later!’ trick!

Effective Ways Of Dealing With Four Of The Most Common Facial Skin Issues2

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Next up is the issue of dehydrated skin. The best solution here is to combine two different solutions together! What you need to do is combat this problem from both the inside and the outside. From the inside, of course, drink more water. Sorry if you’ve heard this a thousand times, but it so true! From the outside, find a moisturizer that works for your skin… and slap it on! Apparently, Beyonce goes to bed at night with her face wet from moisturizer. Hey, if it’s good enough for Queen B, it’s good enough for us!

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