Purchasing necessary things that your baby would need could be a tough job for new moms. You could get overwhelmed with the vast choices and endless things that you need that you may end up buying the wrong ones or the things that would not be necessary. If your bundle of joy is still inside your stomach, create a list of the things that you need to buy so that you are ready when she comes out to the real world.

Below are the lists of things that are essential for your baby.

  1. Essential Carrier

Choosing a right carrier is important as the safety of your baby is at risk if you have purchased one that is below quality. Choose a brand that is trusted and has been tested to be of good quality. Invest in soft-structured carrier as you can use them until toddler years. It could be a bit pricey compared to other carriers, but it’s a smart choice as this is a recommended carrier and you are secure that your baby is in good hands.

  1. Essential Baby Tub

Giving your baby a bath could be scary at first, but both you and your baby would enjoy it once you get the hang of it. For newborns, choose a plastic bathtub that has a seat or a sling insert. With the right baby bathtub, you can turn bath time into a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you and your baby.

  1. Essential Breast Pump

Breast pump is recommended to increase breast milk supply or express some milk to lessen the swelling if the mother is away from her baby or not nursing. A double electric pump is more recommended if your exclusively breastfeeding and want to store supply for your baby when you get back to work.

  1. Essential Infant and Convertible Car Seat

Traveling with your baby in the front seat is totally risky and dangerous. A convertible car seat is more cost-effective as you can still use it until toddlerhood but an infant seat can be taken in and out of the car. Either way, both of them offer a safe and convenient option in traveling with the baby.

  1. Essential Play Yard

Babies learn through playing and having a play yard in their room would aid in their learning and development. Surround the play yard with educational toys to keep him occupied and at the same time learning.

  1. Essential Feeding Pillow

Most new moms would often complain of back aches and stiffness due to long hours of nursing. With the help of feeding pillow, you can conveniently nurse your baby without experiencing soreness and body pains.

  1. Essential Bottle

Feeding bottle is one of the baby gear that you cannot live without. Buy up to 5 bottles so that you always have clean one around. As there are a lot of bottle types, you may need to experiment until you get the best one that suits your baby’s preference.

  1. Essential Multi-Purpose Stroller

You certainly don’t need each stroller for every occasion. Purchase one that is multi-purpose and can be used to almost everywhere. Always consider the quality of the brand before deciding which one to purchase.

  1. Essential Crib Mattress

Avoid SIDs by choosing the right crib mattress for your little one. A good mattress is firm and should not sink. Since babies spend more than 16 hours a day sleeping, invest in a mattress that is safe and comfortable.

  1. Essential Sleeper

Since the first few months of your baby will be spent more on sleeping, it is important that you provide a cozy place where they can sleep. Buy atleast half a dozen sleepers which will cover your baby from neck to feet. Sleep sacks are also perfect for cold nights.

Now that you have the list of the essential things that your baby would need, you would be 100% ready to welcome your little bundle of joy.

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