It’s time to shine up your home as the gorgeous sunny days are finally melting away the winter frost and making way for the flowery fields of spring! While it’s easy to get lost in the fragrance of this warm season and spend all of our available time outside, it’s important to take some time and return order into our chaotic rooms stuffed with wintery items.

Your home should be a reflection of the refreshing spring vibe, so bring out the vacuum cleaner, the mops, and brooms, and spend some time tucking away all the unnecessary heavy items that are simply remnants of the winter blues. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of your spring cleaning ventures!

Time for a wardrobe change

It’s probably your favorite part of the annual spring cleaning tradition – empty your closets and pack away your winter coats, fluffy sweaters, and heavy boots to make room for flowy dresses and light sandals. It would be perfect to stuff your unused clothing items into a storage area and donate those old jeans and shirts you haven’t worn in ages.

Think minimalistic thoughts

We all have those presents we keep even though they serve no purpose, as well as those irresistible cups and vases that lie empty and forgotten at the bottom of your kitchen cabinet. The best way to get rid of the clutter is to search your home top to bottom and bring out all the useless gadgets and decorative knick-knacks.

You can donate them as well, or gift them to someone you know would appreciate their charm. Another option is to sell your extra things online, which will help you not only clean your home but also give you a chance to make a little extra cash!

Rearrange and repurpose

Give your home a once-over as soon as you get rid of extra items, and take a look at your furniture and overall design from a fresh perspective. Perhaps there is a way to use that old toy chest as a unique coffee table or use that hand-woven basket as a fruit container to make your kitchen table look much more alive and colorful.

You can also find new ways to organize furniture in your room to add more natural light and create more open space. All those extra blankets, curtains and pillows might have made your home look welcoming and toasty during winter, but they become redundant as soon as spring comes.

Cleanliness first

With all the allures of spring, also come the spring showers and muddy shoes, so it’s crucial to mind the details. It would be perfect if your spring cleaning was enough to keep you home clean for months on end, but you will need to take extra precautions.

Arm your home with high-quality door mats to keep away that annoying mud, dirt and even bacteria from completely ruining your spring cleaning efforts. You can even protect your doorway with eco-friendly mats that are equally sturdy and long-lasting and have the same anti-slippery effect.

Nature-up your home

Now that you have all that extra space and your rooms are sparkly clean, you can bring your home to life by adding a few pots of blooming flowers, and you can use your kitchen shelves to grow your own spices and herbs. Greenery will keep your indoor air clean and oxygen-rich, keeping away pollutants and toxins, while flowers will accentuate the charming personality of your home.

A tiny indoor garden makes for an excellent start to keep your home vibrant even when those colder months take over once again, as the fresh aromas of your home-grown spices and herbs bring more joy to your cooking experiments.

Within only a few hours of dedicated cleaning and organizing, and several carefully placed spring essentials, you can turn your home into a true spring oasis in no time, and the effect will be equally impressive for months to come.

Add a splash of an inspiring, new color, put away the excess winter items and let a breath of fresh air into your home with a touch of nature, and you will look forward to every moment you spend inside.

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