A road trip can be a fantastic fun opportunity to take during the summer or winter months. You can head off into the unknown and take your children on a grand adventure. But, there are a few things I suggest you do before you leave to make sure your trip heads off without a hitch.

Pack Snacks

If you don’t want to be stopping every five minutes when your kids get hungry, make sure you pack lots of snacks. Chocolate isn’t always the best idea, particularly in the summer months. It melts creating a nasty mess all around the car that you have to clean up once you reach your destination. I suggest having one packed lunch and a few bags of sweets as well as drinks. Pack plenty of water as well, particularly if it’s a hot day.

A Little Entertainment

Unless you want to spend a few hours playing I Spy and Who Am I, I suggest you provide some entertainment for your children. One possibility is purchasing a portable film player. These are ridiculously cheap now, and some family cars come equipped with them built in when you buy. For older children, you need to make sure that their phones are fully charged.

Safety First

Lastly, if you have little children, you need to spend some time making sure they are safe. I suggest you spend time researching the best car seats for your kids. The infographic below has some great advice when you’re choosing one. It’s important you do this because poor safety seats have led to severe road injuries.

Infographic Credit: www.drivingtest.ca

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