Also known as the “Indian Sulphur”, the Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is an herbal plant from the Zingiberaceae (ginger) family, and it is found in the Indian Southwestern region, where it is considered a symbol of prosperity and a physical and spiritual renovator. It is composed by curcumin, several polysaccharides, and other essential oils.

In the country, the Turmeric is widely known because of its intense flavor and smell, because of its studied medical properties and its uses in the kitchen as the main ingredient of curry. Turmeric has been attributed to some amazing properties in the prevention of Cancer, it helps lower the levels of cholesterol in your organism and it can help prevent other serious health conditions.

Many studies have proven that the most present component in the Turmeric, the curcumin, can protect your organism from oxidant factors, adding a series of antitumor, antimutagenic and anti-inflammatory properties.

For this article, we will review some of the most important aspects of the Turmeric and why you should try to use this plant on your preparations.

So, what is Turmeric anyway?

The turmeric plant looks like a ginger root. Its extract is an incredibly strong Indian spice in terms of flavor and aroma, so you have to keep that in mind when you prepare your meals with it. This extract can be obtained on its most pure and natural form by grinding the plant or on an industrial level by using a dissolvent in order to get its healthy and valuable curcumin compounds like polyphenols, rhizomes, etc. 

Since the Turmeric can be uncommon in western countries, it is advised to be used with moderation at first and increase its use little by little to increase the effectivity of its many benefits.

What can Turmeric do for me?

As stated before, the applications for Turmeric have been studied for many centuries. The major perks of the plant are as follows:

Cancer prevention properties: The Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant by completely preventing the action of free radicals to your body cells. This simple, yet effective action makes Turmeric a great way to prevent cancer by inducing the elimination of potentially cancerous cells responsible for breast, prostate, colon, bladder, pulmonary and other types of cancer.

It improves the performance of your circulatory system: When you metabolize the curcumin compounds of Turmeric, you can increase your biliary functions, reducing the concentrations of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol (the bad kind of cholesterol), improving the transportation of oxygenated blood through your organism.

It is an effective sugar regulator: Several studies have proven the effect of Turmeric and the improvement of the sensibility of glucose metabolizers, preventing diabetes and the overall regulation of sugar levels in the bloodstream.

It has positive neurochemical effects: The Curcumin is a strong neuroprotector useful for the treatment of cognitive conditions, memory problems and it can even help manage depressive and emotional states.

And so much more:

  • It has been widely used as an anti-inflammatory, in the treatment of irritable colon, and arthritis
  • It is a powerful analgesic.
  • Antibiotic, a bacterial killer and antiviral.
  • It is used as an effective scar healer
  • It eliminates fungus faster than cloves or oregano.
  • It improves the health of your liver by increasing the number of enzymes in charge to eliminate toxins in your body.

Learn more about turmeric benefits on this article from our friends at Lyfe Botanicals.

How can I prepare it?

The turmeric use in the kitchen is wide. For centuries, it has been in the preparation of curry, thanks to its characteristic color, aroma, and its particular sweet and spicy taste.

In the Indian food, Turmeric (or “Indian Saffron”) is employed to prepare may poultry-based dishes, fish, or pork. It can be found on curry, chutney, soft mustards, and combined with other Indian spices.

It is important to remark to be gentle with its use, otherwise, its taste will dominate the overall spirit of your meals.

Where can I get it?

As you can see, the perks Turmeric can bring to your life are a lot, so the best thing you can do now is to start preparing more meals with this ancient and equally amazing plant.

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