Europe is a beautiful place and given that it has some of the most historic and picturesque cities in the whole world, it’s the perfect continent to take a city break in. However, as it is with any holiday, what you need to pack depends mostly on the time of the year you are planning to take the break. Nonetheless, we have listed some of the essentials, so that you never feel ill-prepared for your upcoming European city break.

Flat Shoes

Let’s start the list off with an absolute essential, which would be just about any flat shoe that you are comfortable with the most. This won’t, of course, be the only shoe on this list, but since a lot of walking is expected when you go to visit a European city, having one of these in your bags is basically a necessity. The cities are filled with historic places and unless you have a trusty pair of comfortable shoes to help you cover all the walking you’ll be doing, you will likely have to skip a huge number of excursions. Also, unlike some of the other items on the list, it is best if the flat shoe you pack is a pair that your feet are well accustomed to, rather than something that you have just bought because new shoes and a lot of walking might give way to nasty blisters!

The Boot

Just as we mentioned earlier and as you had probably expected, the flat shoe cannot be the only shoe in your arsenal when you are about to visit fashion-conscious cities like Paris, Milan, and Berlin! The boot is your trusty option here and, therefore, you need to have at least one pair of them in your bag. Check out the boots from and choose a pair that appeals to you. They do have a very recent and in-vogue collection, so you won’t have to worry too much about buying something that’s out of trend in 2019.  Just in case you are wondering whether it matters, then the answer is yes, being in trend does indeed matter when you are planning to visit European fashion capitals. If you are in doubt and would prefer not to experiment too much, black and dark brown are always safe colours to bet on.

The Trench Coat

Whether it’s warm, cold, or rainy, the trusty old trench coat will likely not let you down. In addition to being perfect as a top layer during cold winters, these super stylish coats can even offer protection against a bit of rain. If you are wondering whether you will need a trench coat if it’s summer, then the answer will depend on where you are going and how hot it will be there when you actually arrive. To be on the safer side, it’s better to pack a trench coat as sea drafts in the Mediterranean can get quite cold after sunset, especially during the late spring or early summer months. Choose anything that you are comfortable with, but navy, shades of grey and dark brown are safe colours to rely on.

The Bags

A woman can’t ever have enough bags and chances are that you will purchase a few more on your European city break. However, as you can’t really carry your entire bag collection on your travels, stick with the following options.

  • The cross-body, medium-sized bag for carrying everything you need during your city exploration trips
  • That designer, small clutch for the party nights to go with the little black dress
  • The cabin-appropriate hard case to carry with you to your seat during flights

If you feel that the list is too short, expand it by all means, but be mindful of the weight and space limitations!

Cashmere Over Everything Else

Cashmere is big everywhere and not just in Europe because of the special fabric’s high style quotient, softness, and premium nature. Instead of packing in thick, bulky jackets and jumpers for the autumn-winter months, opt for cashmere, which can keep you warm even in sub-zero temperatures, but without taking up too much space in your bag. Unlike jackets and traditional woollen jumpers, cashmere can be easily used as a middle layer without you looking like the abominable snowman when you put on a layer of winter clothing on top of it.

These are the must-haves in your bags, as far as clothing essentials are concerned, of course. Some of the obvious things like tees, jeans and skirts were skipped in favour of the things that people often neglect but miss the most during their European city break. As a bonus tip, we would advise against packing too heavily in general because European cities do have excellent clothing collections as well, so if you miss out on something, it will likely be a valid excuse to get some shopping done!

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