Trying to lose weight? Then you should book an appointment with your doctor. Doctors are more than happy to help you with your weight loss. They will be able to tell you how to do it healthily in a way that doesn’t put your health or fitness at risk. In fact, there are some secrets that your doctor will be able to impart to you to help you succeed in reaching your weight goal. Here are some that your doctor wishes you knew already.

You Have To Figure Out What Works For You

There is more than one way to lose weight. You might prefer to use the Paleo Diet while others prefer to increase their workouts rather than change their diet. For others, fasting for weight loss is the best way. You just need to remember that different methods of weight loss work best for different people. So you can expect to try a few different diets before you find one that really helps you shed the pounds. Hopefully, your doctor will help you find the best method to suit your body.

Forget About Calories

We’re led to believe that all that matters is reducing our calorie intake. However, there is much more to it than that. It is better to focus on the number of calories that you’re burning. But it still isn’t quite so simple. You also need to think about other factors. For instance, many people think that our gut bacteria has an effect on how we lose weight. So even if you’re eating fewer calories than what you are burning, there might be other reasons why you can’t shift your extra few pounds.

Expect To Plateau

Our bodies will want to stay at a certain weight. So, once you hit that weight, you should expect it to be much harder to lose more weight. It’s all to do with survival. Our bodies think that if we lose any more weight, we might not be able to survive. There is one easy way to get around this, though. You should keep exercising and work on building muscle. Then your metabolism should, hopefully, continue to increase. This can help you keep on burning all those calories.

Cut The Diet Drinks

If you’ve managed to ditch your usual Coca-Cola in favor of Diet Coke, you may think you’re doing pretty well. However, diet sodas are just as bad as the full-fat varieties. The artificial sweeteners that are used in diet drinks don’t give our body the kick that it wants from a sweet drink.

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Instead, we are likely to indulge in a snack to stop the cravings. If you ask your doctor about this, I’m sure he’ll tell you to cut out on fizzy drinks completely. If you are desperate for some fizz in your life, stick to soda water.

Losing weight isn’t quite as difficult as you may think. It just takes some effort and time. To make it easier, though, visit your family doctor for advice.


  1. I wish to receive more information on how best I can loose weight. Am weighing about 75kg and am 48 years old. I do exercise but not regularly due to my nature of work.

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