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Your back is a literal pillar. It supports the rest of your body, protects your delicate spinal cord, and gives your brain access to other organs. And, when it starts to hurt, you certainly notice the difference. With more and more jobs becoming sit-down roles, backs are at more risk than ever. So, when back pain rears it’s ugly head, what can you do to fight it? This post will go through some exercises that you can perform to get your back feeling good.

By strengthening the muscles in your back, you can take the stress away from your spine. You will also increase your muscle stamina, making it easier to retain the same position for a longer time. Exercise will also help after an injury. A lot of injuries will affect how much stress different parts of your back can sustain before aching. By strengthening these areas, and their surroundings, the threshold will get much higher. Our bodies heal much faster when they’re mobile, as well. Modern hospitals will often get patients out of bed and walking almost straight after surgery, to increase the healing rate. This is because your healing rate is based on your metabolism, and exercise speeds that up.

  • Lower Back Rotation Exercise

This exercise involves lying on your back, with your legs folded, and your knees pointing upwards. Slowly lower your knees to the floor, rotating your waist and lower back. Once your knees touch the floor, raise them again, a perform the same action the other way. This exercise is good for lower back pain.

  • Cat Stretches

Get down on your hands and knees, and keep your back straight while looking at the floor. Slowly raise your back, so that it arcs. And then, lower it back down slowly, until the arc is inverted. Do this exercise slowly, with a lot of effort. This exercise can benefit your entire back.

  • Shoulder Squeeze

Sit down and keep your back straight. Slowly push your shoulders back, until they can go no further. Hold them there for a few seconds, and then slowly release. Repeat this action with the intention of getting your shoulder blades as close together as possible. This exercise is best for upper back pain.

  • Bridge Exercise

Lie down in the same position that you started the lower back rotational exercise in. But, keep your legs still. Slowly raise your body, using your back and legs, until it is completely straight. Once you reach this point, slowly lower yourself back to the ground. This exercise is recommended for all back pain.

Lie down on your front, with your toes pointing at the floor, next to each other. Place your hands level with your shoulders, keeping them about your shoulder’s width apart. Tense your stomach and your bum, and push yourself up using your arms. Keeping pushing until your arms are almost straight, and then lower yourself slowly. This exercise is only recommended if your injury or back pain isn’t caused by movement. It will strengthen other parts of your body, as well. Not just the back!


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All of these exercises should be performed with care. If you feel more pain than usual or sharper pains during an exercise, stop immediately. At that point, you should see a doctor.


  1. These are great stretches! I love using the lower back rotations after a long day of sitting 🙂 I’ve sent you a quick email, I look forward to your response.

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