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On the first of January, everyone vows to be healthier. Fruits and vegetables are purchased, juicers and blenders get dusted off from the back of the cupboard, and gym memberships get invested in. But a few weeks down the line and people start trailing off. An early gym session might be skipped for an extra hour in bed, or you might choose to hide on the sofa under a cosy blanket rather than get your exercise in after work.

Sticking out an exercise routine takes hard work, dedication and a whole lot of motivation. So what do you do when the going gets tough, and you feel like throwing in the towel? Here are a few ideas that might help.

Find an Exercise You Enjoy

When you’re doing something you like, exercise doesn’t feel quite so torturous. You could find a sport or a class that you like to do; you could try a Zumba dance class for fitness, boxercise or Kangoo jump- there are so many unique and interesting ways to move your body that aren’t just running on a treadmill or slogging it out on an exercise bike.

Get a Workout Buddy

Find someone with the same goals and desires to live more healthily and inspire and motivate each other. You’re more likely to keep up your routine if you have a workout buddy. If you don’t have anyone you know who will exercise with you, have a look in local Facebook groups and classified sites to see if you can meet someone. You get the social factor and might make a new friend in the process!

Treat Yourself To New Workout Clothes

As shallow as it sounds, just having some nice new clothes to work out in may give you the motivation you need to keep on going! High street shops usually have a sporty/ gym kind of section if you weren’t looking to spend much, but feeling confident and good in your gym clothes is a great way to bring back your motivation. If your body shape has changed and you’re seeing results since the last time you bought exercise clothes, this can be a nice bonus too!

Buy an Exercise Tracker

There are tons of exercise trackers on the market. From Fitbit’s to Apple Watches, they are good as they allow you to see what you have achieved in easy to understand graphs. It allows you to see where you need to do more, set goals and feel proud of what you’ve done. Do some research to work out which device is best for you.

Read Motivational Quotes

If you’re having a down day or need an instant boost of motivation, try reading some inspiring quotes or listening to inspiring song lyrics. They can help to shift your state of mind into a more positive position and give you the boost you need to keep going. You could scour Pinterest and pin any that you like into a quotes folder. Then you have all of your favourites to look over whenever you need to

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