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It’s a difficult point in anyone’s life. So there’s no reason to make it even more difficult on yourself. Divorces are emotionally trying and exhausting. It’s easy to get yourself in the wrong kind of headspace. To feel so riled up that you do things you will later regret. You need to protect yourself from the harmful behavior that might end up costing you more than a marriage.

Jumping the gun

First, you need to ask yourself if divorce is really the right course of action. It’s a step that has plenty of finality to it. So take the time to ask yourself, or even ask your spouse, what is wrong with the relationship. Is it really unfixable? Have you really tried to fix it? We know that there are irreconcilable differences that can cause a marriage to end. But it’s important to properly investigate yours to fight the risk of lingering regret.


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Cutting all communication

There may very well be irreconcilable differences within a relationship. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to estrange yourself. Rather, staying in communication can make it a lot easier to part amicably. Keeping your distance too much can lead to making it easier to be hostile. It can start framing things in combative tones that help no-one in the end. Try to keep the lines of communication open to keep things civil.


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Putting the kids in the middle

Of course, we know that it’s not always possible to keep things civil. While we would all certainly like to see things end in a well-meant mediation, sometimes there’s good reason for hostility. Whatever the reason, however, you shouldn’t put the kids in the middle. Even if you truly believe that you having full custody is in their best interest. Don’t involve them personally. Think of how emotionally difficult this is for you, then take away a significant portion of your ability to reason with the situation. The kids are going to have it a lot tougher than you and it will affect them for the rest of their life.


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Not getting help

Regardless of whether things are hostile or they’re more civilized, you should take the opportunity to get help on your side. Advisors like Erlich Legal Office, LLC. aren’t there to turn your marriage into a battlefield. They’re just there to make sure you get a fair outcome. If they bring assistance, and you don’t, you’re leaving yourself open to a disastrous divorce.


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Not changing your finances

Finally, it’s a point that many don’t like to think about. That their finances may be under attack from one who they once loved. You shouldn’t assume they will be, but you should act with the worst case scenario in mind. Keep yourself protected. Change your account details. Freeze any joint accounts until it has been fairly decided what should be done with them.

What’s most important is that you look after yourself and the kids. Don’t take this as the opportunity to get even. That kind of behavior only proves more damaging to yourself in the long-run.

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