Tough the fans are the old method for cooling desire but still, they are the most popular and efficient cooling system in the world. New technology and variation in the feature of electric fan are the main reasons that it retains the popularity among the people.  Before you buy a fan for your home or office in this summer season, you have to consider five important factors of the fan.   

Purpose of using fan

First, you have to determine why you need a fan? Are you willing to use it for commercial/industrial purpose or residential purpose? If you need a fan for commercial use you have to go for an industrial fan. Industrial fans are mainly used to ventilate the large space and sometimes for specific cooling need.  A quality industrial fan must have heavy duty construction to withstand diverse environment and high wind speed to exhaust the hot air and gasses for the space efficiently.

Residential fans are suitable for person use in your bedroom, living room or patio. You will find the verity of choice with different design and feature while purchasing a residential fan.

Type of fans

Depending on your budget and need, you can choose a fan that fit your desire. You can find diversity in the type because of variation in design and function. Some of the common types of fans are:

  • Tower fan: If you like to buy a fan that can improve your home décor then tower fan will be the perfect for you. It tower like sleek and slim design saves lots of space. Reviews of tower fans shows that each and every tower fan model comes with unique design. Moreover, the blades are hidden inside the grill for safety purpose.
  • Pedestal fan: With traditional fan blades and design pedestal fans are popular for it cheap price but high speed air output.
  • Bladeless fan: This concept is first invented by Toshiba, a renowned Japanese company. After that, Dyson create a vast change and improvement in the technology of bladeless fan. The main highlighting point of this type of fan is that it doesn’t have any kind of spinning blades. It works like a reverse vacuum cleaner.
  • Misting fan: This type of fan not only flow the air but also spray water to decrease the humidity of the room.

Style of fan

Depending on the location you indented to place the fan, you can choice the fan size, type and capacity of the fan. There are different fan come with style:

  • Table fan. Perfect for using in the office or home table and in the dorm.
  • Wall mounted fan. Suitable for shop and coffee house.
  • Portable fan. For party and guest room fan.
  • Exhaust fan. For ventilation purpose.

Capacity of the fan

Some of the important factors determine the capacity of a fan. They are:

  • CFM: this rating will give you the idea about how much air it can flow in per minutes in a certain volume. The more the CFM rating of the fan the better output air flow you will get from the fan.
  • The size of the fan: large size fan cover more area than the smaller one.
  • Number of blades: The more fan blades better air flow you will get from it.

Features of the fan

Every fan models have different features, price, and design. The must have features of fan are: Oscillation, variable speed setting, less noise output and user-friendly control. The additional facilities you may consider are: Thermostat, Variable power options, temperature control, pre-programmable timer, remote control and air filtration. So examine some of the best fan features and make a list of your desired features you like to have in your fan. Then go with the best matched your list.


  1. Great list!
    Also worth considering is the Energy Star. Having an energy star appliance with help save on power. Often the energy star fans have DC motors which will also be quieter than AC motor fans!

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