Five Pitfalls You Have To Avoid In Your Fitness Regime

We all know that keeping fit is important, for many reasons. Although balance is essential, it’s just a fact that being in good health affects everything else. If you’re not getting enough exercise and nutrition, it’s not just your body that suffers. It affects your mind, too.

While you may start your journey full of motivation, this can easily drift away. There are things to remember that will make wellness easier to maintain, but it’s often easy to overlook the things you shouldn’t do. Here are a few nasty pitfalls your mind might try and convince you of, and how to avoid them.

  1. “I’ve done well today, so I can eat whatever I want”

You’re not in this regime to punish yourself. The result should be that you feel better, so it shouldn’t be like a permanent boot camp. In this regard, treats help you to stay the course and remind you that there are tiny glimmers of hope in life.

If you agree a treat with yourself beforehand, then you’ll keep your eye on the prize. A healthy treat like the ever-beneficial dark chocolate or red wine is packed with nutrients. So even your “misbehaviour” has an up side. ( Check out this 14 benefits of dark chocolate according to science if you’re still in doubt. )

  1. “Getting fit is my little secret”

Five Pitfalls You Have To Avoid In Your Fitness Regime2

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Let’s face it; it can be embarrassing to tell everyone you’re getting in shape. From imagining their skepticism to expecting their derision if you fail, it feels like tempting fate. Then again, anyone worth having as a friend will support you and want you to succeed. You’re going to want people to celebrate the wins with, as well as empathise with on the days when the treadmill feels like your enemy.

  1. “I just need to work with my problem areas!”

Five Pitfalls You Have To Avoid In Your Fitness Regime3

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Some people mistake discipline for punishing repetition. It’s likely that you have problem areas (don’t be ashamed, we all do!), and these will need attention. It might be tempting to crunch arm reps to fight the bingo wings, or do sit-ups until you see stars for the abs benefit. However, you risk injuring yourself through overwork. What’s worse is it gets boring. Changing it up keeps things fresh and makes sticking to it easier.

  1. “I’ll do it later”

Five Pitfalls You Have To Avoid In Your Fitness Regime4

Procrastination is the thief of time. Telling ourselves we’ll “do it later” too often means that we end up doing it… never. Until you’re in a solid groove at the ladies gym, stick to the plan and give yourself the best chance.

  1. “I don’t have to stop when I’m injured”

Five Pitfalls You Have To Avoid In Your Fitness Regime5

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All too often, people “work through the pain”. There are existing sayings that encourage this, like “feel the burn”. This can be dangerous as the reason for the pain may be that you’re injured. Stick to something gentler such as yoga or Pilates until you’ve recovered.

If you’re carrying an old injury, then use appropriate support gear to help you back to your best. The last thing you want is to aggravate any injury through overworking an injured muscle.

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