Five Tips for a Facelift Consultation

If you are considering taking a facial plastic surgery, you must have started researching for surgeons who will work with you to get the facial structures you need. For most facial plastic surgeons, they will offer a free consultation service before you decide to commit to the procedure you are considering. If you stumble in an office of a plastic surgeon who does not offer a free consultation, head out and look for a surgeon who does.

Consider planning for a follow-up consultation after the first consultation, before you make the final decision. But when you go for the third consultation, you should ask identical profound questions to each surgeon you have been in consultation with. This will be a good way to compare and make the best decision for your findings.

To make the most out of the facial surgeon consultations you plan to make, below are some of the ideas you should use:

Research about the facial surgeons

Start by researching the presence of the facial surgeons located in your area who are specialized in what you are looking for. To filter through the surgeons, check if they are board certified in the specialty you are looking for. Browse through the surgeon’s website for before and after pictures. Go through the picture and relate to the pictures of patients who succeeded through the procedure you want to go through. You can also check the ratings or reviews of surgeons on sites like Facebook, Real Self, and Healthgrades.

Go to three different surgeons for consultations

If you are going for your first facial surgery, you certainly don’t have a reliable cosmetics surgeon; it is recommended that you go for consultations with three different surgeons who meet your criteria of the potential surgeons you can work with. Once you start to engage with them, you will notice a difference with how comfortable you are with each one of them. Additionally, you can begin to learn the costs of the procedure in the area and the type of results you expect to see.

Do a background check on your procedure

If you make an effort to know the procedure you want, the consultation with the surgeon will be more effective, and you will save a lot of time as you consult with your surgeon. Ensure that your surgeon answers all the questions you have in mind during the consultation.

Fill out the paperwork

When you book for an appointment, ask for an email from the nurse that requests your medical history. To secure a safe procedure beforehand, you have to share all the important information. Once you get to the consultation, you will save a lot of time because the surgeon will have gone through your medical records and your consultation will focus more on the procedure you want to undertake.

Be observant about the doctor’s office

When you get to the office for a consultation, ensure that you take mental notes of the office. Check on the cleanliness, the customer care services from the doctors and nurses, and also notice the feel you have when you are in the office. Ensure that you feel comfortable in this environment.

Once you start the consultation session, ask well researched and detailed questions and record the answers you are given. Below are questions you will find interesting to ask the surgeons:

Are you a specialist in facial surgery?

You might have known the answer beforehand, but it is good to ask the surgeon the question.

What experience do you have with this type of surgery? How many surgeries have you done this type?

This question will help you to know the level of experience of each surgeon. You can tally this with the portfolio you will be provided with.

Is this the right procedure for me?

One of the most important factors you should look for in a surgeon is the level of honesty. An honest surgeon will tell you that the procedure you want to have will either have a good result or a bad result. Another way to know that you are working with a good surgeon is when a surgeon refuses to take the job if his recommendations are not taken.

Are you using the latest innovative plastic surgery techniques and are you educating yourself on them?

A good surgeon will offer examples of some of the innovative techniques in use an some of the conferences they have attended that speak on the subject.

How can you address my concerns?

At this point, the surgeon should start asking you about your intentions, the part of the body you want to change, the reasons as to why you want to change it and the result you are looking for.

Do you have a portfolio of before and after photos that I can look at?

Some surgeons have before and after pictures on their websites. But if a surgeon never placed them on their website, it is appropriate that you ask for the pictures to look through. Allow the surgeon to explain some of the procedures you are looking at and some of the past patients the surgeon has worked on who had the same goals you have.

What will happen if the surgery is not successful or the result I see is not what I want? Have you done surgeries that needed to be redone?

Most of the plastic surgeries go without complication, but if a surgeon does not offer you the steps that will be taken in case the surgery does not go as planned, look for one who will. Honest feedback will make you feel at ease with going ahead with the surgery.

Where will you undertake the surgery?

Once you are notified of where the surgery will take place, visit the facility and ensure you are comfortable with the surgery center.

Who will conduct the anesthesia?

Ensure that you get the name of the anesthesiologist and take a look at the reviews of the individual.

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