The fashion industry is creative, exciting and alluring, but it can also lead us a stray. One minute, you’re sticking to your signature style, and the next, you’re buying into underwear as outerwear as the catwalks said it was cool. And then, you wonder how you ever ended up with a wardrobe full of fashion you never wear.

When that happens, it is time to cut all ties with the fast fashion world. It’s a sad occasion, but a necessary one all the same. Instead of buying into trends that you never really loved in the first place, buy into your true sense of style. Create a capsule wardrobe of quality items that you love and know will last you a lifetime.

Tackle It Head On

When you’re thinking about creating a capsule wardrobe, the very first step is always the hardest. It’s also the messiest, the most stressful and the most chaotic. Because you need to cleanse. You need to take every single item of clothing (shoes and accessories too) and place it all into piles. One will be for what you adore and wear all of the time, one will be for clothes you like, but never get around to wearing, and finally, one will be for the items you never wear (and probably don’t like).

Suss Out Your Style

Now that you have your piles (or mounds, more like), you can begin to get an idea of what you really like. Go through the ‘love’ pile and pick out themes. What is your style? What do these items all have in common? Are you classic or feminine, grungy or sporty? You should be able to pick up a few similarities at this stage.

Get The Garbage Bags

Next, you’re going to need to be brutal. But it’s okay because you’re doing it for the greater good – better style. Grab your garbage bags, as many as you need, and fill them with the items in the ‘okay’ and ‘never wear’ piles. You only want things that you truly love in your capsule wardrobe. If the items were put in these two piles, you don’t really like them. You want to wear clothes that boost your confidence and that you feel good in, not okay (or ones you never even wear them at all).

Invest In Quality

You probably don’t have a lot left. If you’ve still got a jam-packed wardrobe, you clearly weren’t that tough on yourself. You should have lots of empty hangers dangling at this point. Them you can look at filling them again. When you’re buying items for your new capsule wardrobe, you want to buy things that you really love, and that will last you. Don’t buy on a whim, save up for them if you have too. Things like leather boots or Merino Snug Sweaters – you want quality that will last you years.

Edit, Edit, Edit

And lastly, you’re going to want to remember why you created the capsule wardrobe in the first place. Constantly edit it until you get it right. After your first clear out, if you still have unworn items weeks or months later, they’ve got to go. Throw out what you don’t wear now, because you’ll never wear it.

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