Forget the treadmills and cycling machines—fitness equipment doesn’t need to be expensive. A gym membership can eat into your monthly budget, dumbbells and lifting equipment can take up space, and using a treadmill on the second floor of your apartment block will get you complaints from the neighbours. Instead of relying on these overpriced and bulky tools to do your workout, here are some effective and practical workout tools that you can get on a budget.

Running Shoes

One of the best workouts you can possibly get for free is running. Run around the block, around through the park, run up and down the road—you name it, as long as you get to move those legs then you’re doing a good job.

However, it’s not just a case of slipping on some shorts and a pair of work shoes. In fact, one of the best-value and most versatile pieces of gym “equipment” you can buy is a sturdy and comfortable pair of running shoes. You’ll need to take into consideration things like your foot size and shape. For example, there are running shoes for high arches and even running shoes that try to emulate running in your bare feet. They are high customisable and while it might take a lot of work to figure out what works best for you, a simple pair of running trainers is a good place to start.

Jump Rope

This is something that all the kids used to do in school playgrounds, but it’s a surprisingly effective method of cardio. A jump rope is lightweight and inexpensive, and it doesn’t take much storage space and can even be taken with you wherever you go. Jumping rope helps to keep your heart healthy and also improves your coordination in a drastic way. Beginners should aim to jump rope slowly but once you’ve gained a good rhythm, you can get incredibly fast.

Chin Up Bar

Also known as a door gym, these wonderful contraptions can attach to the frame of your door to create an excellent piece of gym equipment. Even if you’re not strong enough to do a pull-up, it’s one of the most versatile and useful pieces of equipment that you could own. There are several exercises you can do with a chin up bar, and some of the bars can be converted into other pieces of equipment to help you with different exercises.

Your Furniture

Your furniture is probably the best value for money you’ll get on fitness “equipment”. There are hundreds of different exercises that you can perform with regular household items and pieces of furniture. However, make sure you take care and don’t strain your furniture to a point that you break it and injure yourself. Furniture isn’t designed to be used as exercise equipment—it can handle some basics like holding your weight, but don’t expect to be jumping around on tables and chairs. You can use stairs to do elevated push ups, you can use a chair or sofa to do dips, and you can do a basic plank using a soft rug or set of pillows. Or you can ask Jim Roose from for some awesome guides on affordable fitness gear.


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