For most, the first step to getting in shape is joining a gym. But for all of us who find the membership fee too expensive or the presence of other fellow members disruptive, or both, getting in shape doesn’t have to acquire signing up for a gym. Though going to a gym can be useful, it doesn’t work for everyone. You can actually save some money by burning calories at home, as the basic equipment costs next to nothing. Also, you can make the exercises more entertaining by walking, running or hiking outside. Or you might choose to work out indoors to escape the bad weather or prying eyes. Whichever your reasons may be, try to think outside of the gym. Here are some of our suggestions, but feel free to customize them so as to suit you.

Take the workout outside

Instead of running like a hamster in circles, try taking your workout outside. Depending on your personal preference or possibilities, you may take your pick. You can choose between walking, jog, running, but also where will you do it – around the block or in the nearby park. You can actually help your environment while working out by walking or cycling to work. At weekends and holidays, you can try going for a hike or cycling long distances. The world is your treadmill and you can bet memories made in such a way beat going to the gym any day.

But that’s not all. Most parks offer some playground spaces or exercise machines which you can use, and possibly you can incorporate them into your morning jog in the park. Or try being inventive and use park benches for some pull-ups.

If you are more a team sports kind of person, take the exercise to the court. By picking up a quick game of basketball you won’t just get in shape but you might also make some new friends. Who says exercise time can’t be social time too?

Work (out) at home

Working out at home may not be as adventurous as working outside; however, it is a suitable alternative when the weather doesn’t comply with your workout routine. Moreover, working out at home is a great solution if you want to avoid curious looks and just focus on getting in shape.

See what type of exercise is for you. Do you prefer basic workout routines like planks, squats, burpees? Will you focus on cardio or rather on strength? Maybe aerobics, dancing? Perhaps you can try some exercises involving yoga or kickboxing. Most workouts you can find on a DVD or you can follow a YouTube tutorial, just make sure you warm-up first.

Though you might choose to keep it simple and cut down the costs, you may choose to get some workout equipment, such as dumbbells or a bicycle, or yoga pants and shapewear to get your mind in the mood. It is not likely that you will be motivated to work out in the sweatpants in which you watch TV.

By getting appropriately shaped and supportive clothes and equipment, exercising will be more enjoyable and effects more obvious.

Tidying up seems a futile sort of work, but which must be done. Try to combine keeping you place spotless with feeling the burn. It’s a win-win. Moreover, in a grime-free environment, you will feel more up to working out. So more like a win-win-win.

The best of all is that you are your own boss. You can work out wherever you want and in most cases, you don’t need much room. Also, you can work out whenever, in the morning before breakfast or right after work, your choice. Adapt your workout routine to your lifestyle but also try to accustom your lifestyle to your workout routine. Working out in itself isn’t hard, keeping up with the program is.

Getting in shape doesn’t acquire joining a gym. Instead, try saving your money or investing it in the equipment you will actually use. You can make it work all on your own. Go outside and explore your neighborhood or surrounding landscape while getting in shape, or you can stay indoors and create your own personal fitness oasis.

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