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I, for one, have made bad decisions when it comes to new pairs of shoes. They might look great in the shop, but they can end up being a painful choice when you start wearing them out and about. Therefore, it’s so important that you think twice before making a purchase. Here are some common errors women make when buying new shoes that lead to glum feet!

Choosing shoes that are way too high

I love a great pair of high heels which can help complete that killer outfit. After all, they can help you look slimmer and can do wonders for your legs. But choosing a pair which is too high can end up leading you to have trouble once you are on that night out. For one thing, if they are too high, you might end up falling over and twisting your ankle after one too many drinks! Additionally, if they are too high, you are putting 30% more pressure on the front of your foot. It can lead to pain and even deformities with your toes. Therefore, before you make a purchase, you need to think carefully about whether they are the appropriate height for you. Here are some ways to determine if they are too high!

Buying cheap shoes

It’s always great to get a bargain on some shoes. You see a sale and make a purchase as you are getting a fab deal on a new pair of shoes. However, make sure that the shoes are worth it as cheap shoes could lead to problems in the long-term. They might not fit properly and will end up causing blisters before long. Therefore, check the original price and make sure they are good quality before heading to the till.

Not picking shoes that let their feet breathe

When you are out looking for shoes you plan to wear in summer months, you need to be extra careful with your choice. You want to make sure you pick a pair of shoes which are lightweight and will let your feet breathe in hot weather. After all, if you choose a pair which makes them sweaty, you will end up with bad odor. As well as this, fungus thrives in sweat, so you could end up with this growing on your toes. And then you will need to head to see a foot specialist for treatment such as orthotics. Therefore, be careful when choosing shoes for the summer months!

Not selecting a pair which is a comfortable fit

You need to make sure you are choosing shoes which fit well. You don’t want shoes which are going to lead to pain and discomfort after a few hours of walking around. Therefore, you need to make sure you try on the shoes and walk around the shop before making a purchase. Make sure you are going for the right size for your feet; a surprising 75% of us are apparently wandering around in shoes which are not the correct size. Therefore, even if there is a beautiful pair in a slightly smaller size, you should leave it for the sake of your feet health!

Remember to make sure you are trying them on with socks. They might fit differently again when you have your favorite socks on at home!

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