The idea of the love of our life is sometimes comes from what we see when we we’re a kid, what we read or something that influence us the most. Culture and beliefs divides us. It separates our perception about a situation and sometimes stand between our decisions. Women are raised to have a ladylike manners with a graceful etiquette and marry a nice guy someday with a vigorous background but somehow this belief turn into something that parent’s never expect.

Their daughters starts seeing the most notorious guy in their town make their head explode of why’s. How does a good girl fall in love with a dreadful bad boy of the town? No, not how. Why good girls fall in love with bad boys? That’s the real shot here. Bad boys win girl’s heart because they are:


Strong masculinity appearance, you can see bad boys wearing leather jackets, long hair, smoking or drinking or even starting a street fight which just add their charm. Bad boys easily catch good girl’s heart because of the idea of protection. They sees bad boy as their protector which is likely true, if a bad boy falls in love they love deeply in the extent that they could offer their own life for the safety of their girl.


They make you feel alive, given the fact that girls must act accordingly with good manners and right conduct they forget how to be alive they forget what real happiness is. That’s what makes them fall for the bad boys because they will help you experience hell in a taste of heaven. Jump off cliffs, Crazy road trips, Chasing fog, Long beach walks, Wild Party and so much more. They said falling in love with the bad boy is magical but staying in love is a battle.


Their sensitive side is what you want to protect the most, bad boys has a strong façade but they are the most vulnerable person when you hit their soft spot because the moment you see tears coming down from their eyes you started to feel the urge to protect them from the very least you can do.


They are creative, their introvert personality hides their ability so when you see them writing a poem or they let you read their poem, listen to their music, plays guitar because the moment you see them shining on the things they love to do that’s the time you’ll fall harder for them.


They are unpredictable when it comes to romance, Simple dates that turned into beautiful beach walks, riverside picnic and playing Xbox and staying up late watching Netflix.


Women like to feel needed, nice guys doesn’t need to be fixed while bad boys do. Women think that bad boys need them to bring out the best in them and make them a better person.


Women loves to dig up jerks, truth to be told women cannot resist bad boy’s charm. It’s the classic way of liking something that is wrong for you. It’s the desire of ecstasy that we are all guilty of.


They’re different and uncommon, nice guys chase you while bad boys don’t. They let girls drool over them. They won’t promise you the world. Bad boys are the wildcard. They can be scoundrels with a hearts full of gold, a merciless hypocrite douchebag or even an abuser or user neither of those three. You can never predict what will be the outcome of falling in love with a bad guy, you can either get hurt or experience divine intervention. That’s the best part you get excited and become adventurous.


Fictional stories makes women believe that happily ever after can happen if you fall in love with a wolf not with a prince, 21st century women are inclined with social media. Creating imaginations that could possibly happen in the real life situation. Other social media applications like Wattpad, EBook and so many more, writes fictional stories about bad boys as the lead character and they are often describe as charming, handsome, cool and sexy as a stone Greek god. Who wouldn’t feel in love with that kind of man? So, basically women imagine themself in that scenario and looking for the bad boys who will rock their world.

Hot and Dangerous

Great in bed, given the fact that most bad boys are good looking and the charm they have women think that making love with them is the kind of bed scene they imagine. Hot and sexy. Their masculine trait gives off the scent of best bed partner. Women doesn’t like boring things that’s why they neglect nice guys and focus on making bad boys fall in love with them. So, they don’t want boring bedmate because it dulls the love making and no lady wants that. Playing fire with the bad boy isn’t dangerous it’s like thinking you’re getting burned at a very hottest point and the scar is so good to be true.


Some women fall in love with bad boys because they know Disney stories doesn’t exist in real life. There is no prince who is willing to save a damsel in distress. All prince they see while growing up is boys with braces, thick eye glasses and loves to hang out with books while the wolves in the story is a masculine man with a perfect jawline, furrow brows and man who masters the western charm.


Women in nature loves to read novels wherein the leading character is the bad boy who will fall in love with the good girl and save her from the cruel world. So she fell in love with that idea too. Some books with a nice guy leading character sometimes sacrifices for the love of his life, sick or retard. There is no happy ending with that kind of story. It’s boring no girl likes lifeless ending.

Last thing, there are few nice guy hovering around because they are hiding in their libraries and books. Bad boys can easily be seen in the street smoking or partying and that makes them look so good and so handsome and that’s why women fall in love with bad boys because they have so much to offer. He won’t promise to give you the world but he will build the world that only you and him exist.


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