Getting fit is on a lot of people’s to-do list. And the point before it is usually ‘sign up to the gym’. There’s nothing wrong with joining the gym but there is one major downside to it. The gym can be super expensive, and you are often locked into a twelve-month subscription. However, if you can’t afford the gym, don’t feel disheartened. There are still many ways you can get fit, many of which don’t even involve spending a dime! Here’s how to get fit without the gym subscription.

Walk More

It is free to walk, and you can do it pretty much anywhere. Instead of sitting in front of the TV for so long at the weekend, how about heading to your local park for a stroll. It#s a great way to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Once you get into it, you could even start hiking or join a walking club. Walking with others is a great way to keep motivated and meet new people.

Use Furniture

Can’t afford any dumbbells? Why not just improvise and use some cans of beans as weights. Want to work on your upper arms? If you have a low stool or coffee table, you could use that is your exercises. If you are creative with your thinking, you’ll be able to think of ways to incorporate everyday furniture into your home workout. And that will save a lot of money!

Do More Chores

Did you know that you burn calories when you are cleaning, vacuuming, and doing all your other chores? So next time you can’t be bothered cleaning the house, just think of all the calories you will be burning! And not only will it leave you feeling fitter, but you will also have a super clean house!
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Home Gym

If you have a bit of cash to splash, you could consider buying some fitness machines for your home. It may seem expensive at first, but you’ll be saving money in the long run as you won’t need a subscription each year. And if you have all this equipment in your home, you will be likely to use it. All because you won’t have far to travel to get to it! Start off by just buying one machine to see if you stick at it.  If you aren’t sure which type to go for, take a look at online reviews like these proform treadmill reviews.

Sports With Friends

If a group of your friends also want to get fit, how about suggesting some team sports? You could rent a football pitch or tennis court at your local sports center and meet up for a weekly game. Getting fit together can help keep everyone’s motivation high. And many people find team sports much more fun than working out in the gym as well. If you can’t use a pitch or court at a sports center, head to your nearest park to play.
You’ll never have to spend money on fitness again!


  1. Four years ago I was really unfit. I had 30 pounds more, and I was constantly tired, without energy. Even when I woke up in the morning I was tired.
    Then I decided for a home gym-treadmill and my life start to change. I have to say that I’m doing treadmill workouts everyday even if it’s just for 10 minutes. My favorite workout is high-intensity-interval running that takes 10 minutes. After this workout I’m fresh and energised, ready for the day.

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