We are living longer and looking younger than ever before. A combination of better living conditions and an awareness of health and fitness means that we can enjoy ourselves well into later life. There has often been a strong emphasis on youth and the young in media and culture. But the tide is turning. Mature men and women are featuring more prominently than before, and are looking younger and fresher for longer. Ageing is a privilege and we should be proud of the accomplishment and wisdom we gain as we grow. But if you’re looking to enhance your outer beauty as well as your inner substance, get inspired by these tips and guidance for the mature woman.

Invest In Skincare

As we get older, our skin can start to lose some of its elasticity and natural fullness. A wrinkle treatment can range from invasive procedures to something simple that we do at home. But we should establish a routine that suits our needs and personal problem areas. Many women suffer from blemishes at any age and may prefer to use oil-free products, for example. Other women may find that their skin is dehydrated and requires a night serum and luxurious day cream. Try to assess your skin type and make choices that will address problems. Gentle massage and effective cleansing and moisturizing will keep us looking healthy and radiant.

style and beauty tips for mature women

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Good Grooming

Looking polished and professional should be a concern at any age. But in a modern context, it doesn’t have to mean a suit, tie, and briefcase! Contemporary grooming for both men and women is usually well manicured or tidy hands, a great haircut, and a signature scent. With these elements, anything you wear instantly looks more classic and expensive. If you prefer a longer nail but still want to look professional and dynamic rather than fussy, select a neutral color. Shorter nails can carry off a brighter shade while still looking professional, although it helps to take your cue from your own place of work. The length of your hair shouldn’t matter as much as a cut and color that suits our facial features. There is such a variety of styles that we should never feel pressured to keep our hair long because we think it is generally considered attractive. Or to cut our hair short because it is expected of us at a certain age. We should get the advice of a hair stylist and select a style that makes the most of our features with minimal effort.


Many women begin accessorizing less as they get older for fear that it looks fussy or frivolous. But the addition of a pop of color in a bag, scarf, or pair of shoes can be fun, youthful and classy. Why not try a bold print scarf with classic outfit like a tailored shirt and pants? Or a statement necklace with an otherwise corporate outfit? Paired with neutral colors and tailoring, accessories still look professional but add a playful twist.


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