People tend to underestimate minimalistic décor because they consider it to be easily achievable. The truth is that it is a well-thought through and classical approach to decorating your home. And it’s having a debut as a new luxurious décor all those into sophisticated and stylish interior designs can’t wait to implement in their homes. Minimalistic décor is more than using just less colour and items. It’s the way you approach interior designing and how your furniture and accessories correspond to the space they occupy. Sterile and cold minimalistic décors have evolved into warm and welcoming without losing their elegant charm.

Add wood  

Wood has become the main ingredient of the most of the interior design ideas today. This is perfectly in accordance with the ongoing trend of creating natural and organic environments. The big plus of wood as decorating material is that it can create the warm atmosphere without overwhelming the space and steal the room. For example, if you use wood paneling for the walls that will perfectly correspond to the white ceiling. Using wood to create the contrast not only in colour but also in the material will create a modern architectural solution and still abide by the rules of minimalistic décor.

Choose one item as a centrepiece

Interior design is a form of art, something we all forget when we think about changing how our homes look. And as such it should be yours and tell your story. Minimalism doesn’t mean boring or uninteresting, so you are allowed to give it personality. Use one piece and create make it a centre of your home. It can be a decorative item like an art installment or you can invest in a lovely and impressive table, large oversized rug or even the chandelier which will define the room. And you can even make it different and unique on its own.

Use the natural light

Natural light is the best friend of every décor as much as it is the worst enemy of some. When it comes to minimalism, you want to use the sunlight to your advantage. This is important because it allows you to use some other shades than pure white and helps you achieve the natural minimalism instead of forced appearance. You can also use some lavish and yet discreet curtains Perth has in abundance to offer to add classiness or try some other custom solution to your liking. This will let you retain the minimalistic look, while still enriching your space. If you can’t bring in the natural light, use some tricks like a mirror to reflect the window or special bulbs to imitate it.

Decide on purity of design

Pure doesn’t mean sterile nor simple, but rather reaching that precise and defined lines and forms. If you combine one strict element with the warm one you will achieve texture and create soft, harmonized environment. Chequered throw pillows can be a nice touch for the beige bedspread, or clean dark chairs will combine elegantly with the light clean table. Of course, these kinds of combinations have to be carefully created because they can very easily from minimalistic turn into something tacky or kitsch.

Give your décor space

Don’t restrict your pieces with space. Let them stand free and allow you to move. Minimalism is also about freedom and liberating yourself from constraints of space. Leaving space around furniture will unclutter your home and allow you to breathe. It will also make your belongings more special and accepted without them over-sizing you or your living arrangements. The freedom of movement in your home will give you and your guests an opportunity to enjoy the simplicity of order and still feel welcome in its embrace.

In the end

When you decide to use the minimalistic décor, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours and shapes. On the other hand knowing the basics of this type of interior design will be of great help to avoid crossing the line which separates it from all other forms. Never forget that your home should be the reflection of you. If at that you want an elegant and sophisticated look than minimalistic décor is undoubtedly your type of decorating. But make sure that you use the high-quality materials and renowned furniture manufacturers because classy can quickly and unintentionally become plain.

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