Getting healthy has a lot of benefits to every aspect of your life. Sure, getting that perfect beach body all of us not lucky enough to have a supermodel figure wish for makes for great motivation for some people. For others, it just isn’t enough to help make those healthier choices every day. Chocolate cake or no chocolate cake, is that even a question?

Beyond that beach body that, let’s be honest, some of us will never have, even a slightly healthier lifestyle can improve emotional and mental well-being, and obviously improve self-confidence. Nobody needs a supermodel body to look great at the beach, and even small changes today can make a big difference as they add up tomorrow. Besides, as it turns out, a healthier lifestyle can actually save you money, too.

Crazy, right? Getting into a healthier lifestyle might require a whole new wardrobe as you lose weight, but it can also provide the money to buy that new wardrobe all by itself. Some small changes to your daily health decisions can save potentially tens of thousands of dollars a year. Some of those costs are obvious, like saving a ton of money on eating out by cutting back on those culinary excursions, but many of the costs seem much less apparent.

Those costs can include dramatically reduced life insurance premiums, lower medical bills, travel expenses, and sometimes even better rates on homeowners and renters insurance. These expenses can rack up fast behind the scenes, costing five figures a year in unnecessary bills.  Investing those extra dollars can add up fast toward an early retirement, or a much faster debt payoff.

It really doesn’t take much to make a big difference. Take a look at the infographic below for some tips and tricks on how to help trim your waistline and fatten your wallet in the bargain.

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