Street style is very important in the fashion world. Not only catwalks tell us what to wear, but sometimes, what people wear tell us how catwalks will look like. In fashion industry the “tickle up effect” is very well known. This expression means that clothing items created in sub cultures might influence designers and then, end up on the catwalk. Street style can be found in almost all ready to wear collections of the great designers. This happens because we live in the information era. Fashion bloggers, local designers or famous people on Instagram who have thousands of followers, have a great impact on what to wear and what not to wear.

What street style has to offer to the fashion industry

As we said, generally, street style that is then found on catwalks is generally developed in subcultures. This is how all the clothing items inspired from street style get to be authentic. They are also able to speak up for the person who is wearing them. We live in a society where people are trying to speak up and share their opinions using different communication channels and the clothes are a great way to express beliefs. But, even if street style started to influence the fashion industry only in the recent years, it is hardly a new concept, because it dates back to Edwardian era. After the Second World War, street style, become more and more popular because the resources were limited. Luckily, the creativity was not.


Actually, although there are many critics to this trend, there are persons from the fashion industry who consider that people who play with their creativity, combining different clothing items are actually the most stylish, not the people who wear only designer clothes. This kind of imaginative people are able to create new and amazing outfits using clothes. And with the help of the modern communication systems, they are able to make their creations known to the entire world.

There are also stars that embrace street style, for example Miley Cyrus who wore a Mickey Mouse T-shirt with a pair of Manolo Blahniks. Well, it is pretty clear that we are living in a new era of fashion where fashion bloggers have a power to influence people’s choices on what to wear, similar to that of the fashion editors.

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