When we start on our health journey, the majority of us follow the rules. While fitness means different things to each of us, some rules are set in stone. For example, most fitness regimes require diet changes and exercise routines. No one can dispute the importance of getting a good grip on these. But, as much as there are rules about what we should do, there are rules about what we shouldn’t.

Some things are universally accepted as hindrances against the get fit goal. As such, beginners avoid them. But, we’re going to look at how those supposed hindrances could be a help. All you need to do is make sure you’re using them right.

Computers and Television

No one said a computer or television in itself was going to stop you reaching your health goals. But, sitting for extended periods of time is frowned upon in the fitness world. As such, many fitness fanatics pour scorn on sitting at your computer or watching television. In some ways, that makes sense. Inactivity is not the way to a healthier lifestyle. But, is disregarding these resources really the right way to go?

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Used right, both computers, and televisions can help your fitness journey in a major way. Let’s look at computers first. With the internet, you have access to a wealth of information. While you’re attempting to get to grips with diet and exercise, this could be your saving grace. You can research anything you need to know and install it into the changes you make. We are all aware, after all, that the best way to a fitness regime that works is to get informed.

Television may not make such a big change, but it can still help. Stocking up on exercise DVDs may be what you need to give yourself the motivation to keep going. Far from sitting in front of a screen, these will encourage you to get stuck into a workout.


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The stance on supplements is less clear cut. Half of the health world doesn’t even like to admit their existence. Some people go as far as to say that supplements can cause real damage to your efforts. But, as this blog post about fitness supplements shows, they aren’t without benefits. It seems that, as with anything, the key is how you use them. If you use supplements and make no other changes then yes, they’re a hindrance. But, if you use these alongside your efforts, they may help more than some people would have you believe.


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This one’s more broad, and will depend upon your journey. While no one else claims that your limitations could set you back, you may give yourself a hard time. If you can’t reach your exercise goals, you may become frustrated and disheartened. But, instead of seeing your limitations as a sticking point, it might be worth using them to help you. Knowing what you can’t do is the best way to develop a routine that works, after all.

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