Although excessive staring at the computer screen is a primary cause for developing eye strain, there are numerous other reasons too that play a pivotal role in causing eye strain. Lack of sleep, reading in low light for longer durations, and excessive exposure to bright lights are a few of the other well known reasons that cause eye strain.

Being fully aware of the causes of eye strain is a good start. Moving further, let us now gain insights into various ways to avoid and reduce the strain.

Ways to Avoid

1.    Regular break from the computer screen

First and foremost, it is forbidden to constantly stare at a digital screen for longer durations. While working with the computer, ensure that you give your eyes a break at every 15 to 20 minutes. Stand, stretch or just look away from the screen at regular intervals.

2.    Reduce the glare of the screen

Another thing to consider while working on the computer is to take care of the glare and reflections. Change the screen’s contrast and brightness, and if required, install anti-glare filters on the screen.

3.    Wear computer glasses, if needed

Computer glasses are specifically designed for looking at computer screens. It is certainly a good eye wear for working with computer screens.

4.    Blink your eyes

Ensure that you blink your eyes frequently in order to prevent them from drying. Besides, there are several lubricants such as lubricating eye drops available, which are worth considering.

5.    Get your eyes checked periodically

Lastly, and most importantly, it is profoundly significant to have your eyes checked regularly in order to check if you need new or changed prescription. Staring at the computer screen with the wrong prescription is certainly going to cause severe eye strain. So get your eyes checked.

Ways to Reduce

1.    Cold water

Splashing some cold water on your closed eyes and face can actually help in relieving mild eye strain. It helps in relaxing the tired muscles around the eyes, stimulates blood circulation, and reduce puffiness. Cold water is surely going to relax your eyes.

2.    Eye exercises

Some of the eye exercises help in reducing and preventing eye strains. Simple exercises such as rolling the eyes in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions for a few seconds is likely to improve concentration and focus. Repeat this process 3 to 4 times consequently. And do this exercise every 5 to 6 hours on a daily basis.

3.    Get an eye massage

Getting a gentle eye massage daily will help in improving the blood circulation to the eyes and also help in relaxing the muscles around the eyes. With the help of your fingers, gently massage your eyelids and muscles above the eyebrows for about 20 seconds. Then, repeat the same process for the lower bone for about 20 seconds.

Repeat this process twice daily. You can also use an over-the-counter eye cream for the massage.

Last words..

Eye strains can cause severe discomfort such as headache, pain in the neck and back, irritation and dryness, and so forth. Ensure that you take proper care of your eyes, always!


Author Bio:

Harvey Lee is a health and beauty blogger and works with various industry leading health and beauty product brands e.g. EyeSoothe: UK’s leading Eye Mask brand for various eye issues including Blepharitis, MGD, Dry eye syndrome and more. Harvey strongly recommends seeking physician opinion before replacing medication with natural or other non-clinical remedies.


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