People who love specialty coffee drinks will sooner or later opt to own a new coffee maker. Owning one, will pull you closer and intimate to the one you love the most – coffee.

Some coffee makers are expensive. And since you want value from your money, you should do thorough research of the different coffee makers. Learn about the features available and analyze your needs to find the best model to suit you.

Manual Espresso Machines

With manual espresso machines you will have to do everything. Measuring, grinding, tamping and brewing, the task is all yours. These are known as the cheapest espresso machines.

Semi Automatic Machines

In these types of machines, some settings are pre-setup. All you need to do is push some buttons to set up the machine. Like temperature and water. These espresso machines are more expensive than the manual one.

Automatic Machines

Automatic machines is great for those who are always on-the-go. Just add water and coffee beans. Press some buttons. And you will have a great cup of your favourite coffee in no time.

Super Automatic Machines

These machines are great for commercial and business use. These are the huge machines that you’ll see when you visit Starbucks. Super automatic machines are expensive.

The features you find will vary from model to model. When comparing two models, consider the following features to determine the right coffee maker for you.

Bean Grinder

Bean grinder is very essential when buying a coffee maker. It’s first to consider. You need to have a quality grinder. Because the taste of your coffee relies on how good your bean grinder is.

Milk Frother

This will usually be a frothing wand or a separate milk chamber. If you drink cappucinos or lattes most of the time, we recommend that you put this second on your list. But if you’re fine black, disregard this feature.

Pod Compatible

Pods are small packets that consist of ground beans inside a filter element. The pods are pre measured for a single cup. Just put the pod in the machine and brew your coffee. Most people either love the pods or hate them.

Water Filter 

Water quality is a big factor in making your coffee. To ensure safe and quality cup of coffee, choose a machine that has a replaceable water filter.

Cup Warmer

A cup warmer keeps the cup warm before brewing.

Hot Water Dispenser

Steel or brass machines are recognized to be best. Some people insist to detect an aftertaste with aluminium machines.

Other tips: 

Choose espresso maker with stronger pumps. This will produce you finer coffee grounds. You should have a minimum of 14 bars or more for pump pressure.

As mentioned above, water quality is a big factor in making a great coffee. Choose a espresso machine that has a removable water tank. So that you can clean, replace and make sure that the water you’re using is healthy and safe.

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