Electric scooters are everywhere. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have been looking for more sustainable, and trendy ways to commute to their destinations. Lightweight, compact and much more cost-effective than a car, electric scooters have become a household essential for thousands.

Knowing what electric scooter is best for you requires some time researching the latest models and specs. With such a diverse range of electric scooters available today, it might feel over when trying to decide which scooter will be best for your unique needs. In this blog post, we will discuss the core elements to consider when choosing your electric scooter, and ensuring you purchase the perfect one for you.

1. Determine Your Riding Purpose

First things first, you need to determine what you’re going to use your scooter for. Are you using your electric scooter for fun with the kids on the weekend? Are you riding to work carrying heavy bags? What you intend to use the scooter for will help you to find the best model for your riding purpose. Most scooters will specify what the model is best used for, but always contact the manufacturer to make sure it is fit for your desired purpose.

2. Check the Legalities

Electric scooter laws differ from country to city. Whilst areas such as France and Amsterdam allow electric scooters to be used much like bikes, countries such as the UK only allow electric scooters to be ridden on private land with the permission of the landowner. Before splashing your cash on an electric scooter, make sure you are legally allowed to ride your electric scooter in your area.

3. Range and Battery Life

Battery life is one of the most important considerations to take when finding your perfect electric scooter. Whilst some scooters may be designed for all-day riding, others may be designed with a much lower battery life to support short, powerful rides. Check out the battery life of your electric scooters to ensure there is enough mileage to get you to your destinations power-cut-free. Keep in mind electric scooters are extremely easy to charge however, so powering up once you reach the office or once you’re at home is always recommended to ensure you have full power for each ride.

4. Motor Power

The scooter’s motor power plays a significant role in its performance. Generally, electric scooters have motors ranging from 250 to 750 watts. A higher-wattage motor provides more power and speed. Consider your need for speed and acceleration when choosing the motor power that suits you.

5. Speed

With speed in mind, it is also important to consider the legalities behind the maximum speed of electric scooters. The legal speed limit for electric scooters in the UK for example is 15.5 mp/h. This means that most of the electric scooters manufactured in the UK are tailored for this specific purpose, ensuring they are staying with the legal scooter guidelines. Whilst you may be able to find scooters with greater speed capabilities, it would be much wiser to find a scooter that is tailored to the legal speed limits of your area. The last thing you need is a fine for speeding!

6. Weight Capacity

Different scooters have varying weight capacities. Ensure that the scooter you choose can comfortably support your weight, including any additional items you may carry during your rides, such as a backpack or groceries.

7. Compact and Folding Mechanisms

One of the selling points of electric scooters is their compact and foldable design capabilities. Whilst some scooters are not designed with this function, many hold this attractive feature making it easy to carry and store during your commute. Some scooters are designed to be much lighter as mentioned, but also to be as compact as possible. Look for a foldable electric scooter that folds easily and is compact enough to fit into small storage spaces when needed.

8. Tires and Suspension

The type of tires on your electric scooter can significantly impact your ride quality. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires offer a smoother ride and better shock absorption on uneven terrain, while solid tires are puncture-resistant but provide a less cushioned experience. Big wheeled scooters are often a preference for most electric scooter rides, with pneumatic tires being mostly used for these models. Some scooters also come with suspension systems for added comfort.

9. Lights and Safety Features

Safety should also be a priority when finding the best electric scooter for you. Look for scooters with integrated lights, including headlights and taillights, to improve visibility, especially if you ride at night. Some scooters also feature additional safety features like turn signals and horn systems.

10. Brand Reputation and Reviews

Reputation is everything, and buying an electric scooter from a brand with poor reviews is almost guaranteed to put you out of pocket, and more importantly, put you at risk. Make sure you are checking the reviews and reputation of the brand you are buying from. Brands that put the manufacturing of the scooter at the height of importance mean you will be getting the most value for your electric scooter.

11. Price and Budget

Lastly, consider your budget. Electric scooters come in a wide price range, so it’s essential to set a budget that aligns with your needs and preferences. Keep in mind that higher-priced scooters often come with better features and build quality.

To conclude, an electric scooter should not be an impulsive purchase. Time needs to be spent to consider all the elements you are looking for in an electric scooter, and also to research the safest and most reliable scooter models out right now. Consult with the manufacturer you are looking to buy from, and most importantly check out the scooter laws in your area to make sure you are allowed to ride freely and legally!

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