After the crying, the yelling, the quiet sobbing, and all the rest of the pain associated with a breakup, there comes a moment of clarity. To truly leave someone, you need to expel them from your life, whether forever or semi-permanently. You have to heal, and the only way to do this is away from them. However, there is another pressing concern you have to deal with.

You MUST get all your stuff back from your ex’s place before it is too late. If you don’t want to get it back, that’s fine, but you should still give them whatever they gave you or left at your house too. Here are some useful tips for getting all your stuff back from your ex without the need for a criminal defense lawyer to back you up in case you get shot.

Don’t Strike While the Iron is Hot

This is possibly the worst thing you can do. You don’t need any of that stuff right now. Don’t go try to get it back a few days after a horrible breakup. Of course, if you parted on friendly terms it is different. You can probably go sit down, have some tea, and then leave happier than you came in. If, however, the breakup was similar in nature to the Second World War, you may need to bide your time. Wait until the rage and the emotions subside. Don’t just storm over in the throes of your anger and sadness and demand that all your stuff be returned to you. Unless you want them returned to you violently, flying through the air at your face.

Don’t Wait Longer Than Necessary

You’re overdoing it if you wait for a few months before asking for your stuff back. The average breakup causes emotions that take about a month to subside. If you wait longer than this, you risk bringing up all the emotions yet again when you see your ex. You have to wait for a few weeks at most, and then get your stuff back in a tactful manner. Waiting too long will not only hurt you but your ex too. You will also give off the impression that your stuff isn’t all that important to you. In fact, they may even start to dispose of some of the items since it looks like you aren’t coming back.

Don’t Ask for Everything Back

This is a good idea especially if some of the stuff you left over there is essential for quality of life. Don’t be a vengeful person. If, for example, you left a coffee machine there but you already have one of you own, but your ex can’t afford one, let them keep it. It’s not a big deal for you. Sacrifice some of the non-essential items to gain what you truly need back. Along with a big dose of emotional stability, of course. With the right amounts of patience, tact, and willingness to sacrifice, you should have the important stuff back in no time at all.

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