There’s this saying that, “Women are expected to live extra 32 years from the time they enter menopause than men”. But that happens only when you indulge in healthy nutrition and good physical and mental exercises, better healthcare and have good social support from family and friends. You can be Old yet feel very young in your body and in vitality. Here are some healthy tips to help you actualize that:

Because older people’s mental capacity diminishes as they approach old age. Embark yourself on some exercises such as talking a pole to pole walk as your strength can carry and having some mind games like playing a word game. This will help you work on your mental health and on your brain functionalities so as to avoid suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s diseases.

Older people tend to suffer fatigue in the afternoon. You can combat fatigue by eating some high- antioxidant meals, drinking a full glass of water after lunch and relax and it’s the best way to revitalize your body. You can constantly stimulate your mental health with curiosity about life and be very passionate about their causes. That way they won’t have dementia.

Older women’s taste diminishes the mire older they become and that makes them take salty meaks in other to really feel the taste of meals. However, salt rapids high blood pressure and can which can also lead to strokes due to a decrease in cardiovascular and cognitive functions. Studies show that one in three women has high blood pressure. When an older person reduces her salt intake, it will, in turn, reduce the shaking and increase the cognitive health functions.

Older folks should always dine with their family members and friends sometimes; that way, the will reduce their tendency of eating plenty meals at once. Normally, when they are eating with people they will not be able to eat much meal. That will help them with their weight loss in other to maintain their fitness. They should also eat more of Omega-3 fatty acid diets which are available in fresh leafy vegetable, fresh fish, and Olive oils, it also good for the brain.

As the Older people increase in their age, their sense of balance becomes less effective; this is why they have to apply caution whenever they are walking so as not to trip and fall. Their less secure sense of balance is added by less acute vision, impaired hearing and less mobility of their joints, making a fall more likely as they age. Some of them, when they fall may take they are being stupid while some may trip and fall, having some podiatry (breaking of legs and ankle) which may require a podiatrist to have a minor surgery on the affected part due to broken bones.

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