The act of planning and dreaming about some of the most important occasions in your life is truly special for every individual. Organizing your wedding in your head is simply one of the most beautiful daydreams you can contemplate over. But when your dreams become reality, and it’s actually time to throw your wedding, will it all go as planned? If you used to imagine a luxurious event that celebrates love, which doesn’t seem possible to pull off because of your budget, you still don’t need to sacrifice your ideals. With careful organization and some useful tricks, you can organize a magnificent wedding fit for royalty.

Choose special venues

Renting a wedding venue can be seriously expensive and especially so if you want to make it look grand. Therefore, if you plan a big wedding, it would be best to opt for a bit unusual locations that would already be special on their own. Such places include parks, museums, aquariums, libraries and even castles. On the other hand, a small and intimate wedding can be just as luxurious since it leaves you with the possibility to rent a small estate or vacation home with a beautiful setting.

Go for monochromatic theme

A single pop of color looks most elegant yet it is the most affordable color scheme you can go for. Pops of red, plum, blue and gold can truly add to the general glam. With most of the furniture and accessories kept white, these bright details will break the monotony. Even the smallest details such as napkins, chair ribbons or flowers, wall garlands and lights can completely transform the atmosphere.

Décor staples

Continuing with the décor, the way you use your statement wedding pieces is also very important. If you place them strategically, the elegance and glamour can only be accentuated. For example, use one single rose flower or ribbon in the mentioned pop of color to decorate your white chairs. When it comes to the tables, mostly stick to white, but use colorful napkins, the same colored flowers in transparent or white vases and candles here and there. Getting a long rug in the same accent color that will lead to the sweetheart table is not expensive but very effective. Instead of balloons for wall décor, rose garlands can be created with some DIY projects but will look a lot more elegant. Lighting plays an important part as well. If you don’t want to splurge, even your regular fairy lights that complement the general theme can look absolutely fabulous.

Compromise in order to splurge

You don’t have to order the most expensive cake ingredients-wise, but with just a bit of glazing, it can look incredible. Glazing in the theme color combined with white flower décor looks truly elegant and quite special. Also, you don’t have to hire a professional photographer when you can have a friend take photos for you. That way, you can balance the investments and spend your money on hiring a classical music performer. Also, renting a wedding car in Sydney may not be the cheapest, but if you try to be frugal with other aspects, you’ll be able to afford this luxury and add to the general splendor.

Remember, luxurious and elegant never means cluttered. Therefore, you definitely don’t need too many details for your wedding décor. What’s more, no one will be able to tell where you got your dress, plates and other bits and pieces that you can buy/rent/make without them costing you an arm and a leg. Just make sure to take things slowly so that you can thoroughly plan your most frugal options that will be glamorous and elegant at the same time.

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