When you love someone, you wish that feeling could last and you hope you can save that feeling forever. Getting married to the love of your life is the best feeling in the world, and you want to cherish every possible moment with your beloved. Picking the perfect wedding ring is just one of those important things which will become a big part of your love story. You want the wedding ring you give to each other to be just right, and we offer you a couple of useful tips which will help you find the right one.

Consider the maintenance

You will be wearing your wedding band a lot (if not all the time), and it’s important to know how to keep it looking picture-perfect just like the day you put it on your finger. If your wedding band has stones, you should make sure to wash and soak it in warm sudsy water, and afterwards brush it gently with an eyebrow brush or a soft toothbrush. Make sure to pick a really soft brush since too much pressure can easily loosen the stones from their setting, and you wouldn’t want to lose one of your stones while out grocery shopping, would you? If you don’t want to spend too much time on maintenance, you can always opt for good old platinum or gold rings which are fuss-free and easy to keep clean with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Pick the right size

If you’re buying your rings together, the most natural thing is to ask for your fingers to be measured and that will be the end of fuss. For those more romantic ones, asking for a ring size and writing it down long before you actually go out to buy a ring is a great way to surprise your significant other when the time comes. Borrowing a ring the partner wears and taking it to the jeweller’s and have it sized is also a good choice. Still, if you pick the wrong size, don’t worry – pretty much any ring sizes can be modified after the fact.

Something different

It used to be an unwritten rule that wedding rings should be plain gold without any decorations, but the times have changed, so why not pick something unusual instead? Today there are many different designs which will surely draw people’s attention: pink Argyle Diamonds, black diamonds, rose gold, and heart-shaped rings are perfect for those who take pride in being different. If both of you agree, you can always wear wedding rings which are similar but different – hers can have diamonds and yours doesn’t have to, or you can have different gems in your rings. For people who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, unusual and unique wedding rings are the right move.

Wedding ring and bands that match

If you choose to buy an extravagant and unique wedding ring, you should know that the wedding bands should be simple and discreet, but a simple engagement ring allows you to wear sparkly diamond pavé band. It’s important to know whether the rings fit together, and if you’re planning on wearing both your rings side by side all the time, make sure the band is designed to interlock with the matching engagement ring. On the other hand, there are those who plan on wearing the wedding ring alone so a more intricate and eye-catching style is more than welcome.

When you love the other person, picking the wedding ring can be challenging because you want it to be just right, but there are jewellers that create bespoke men’s wedding bands along with those for women in accordance to your specifications, so that you both get your preferred ring features. You shouldn’t worry, the two of you love each other deeply, and we’re sure that your choice will be the reflection of who the two of you really are. The ring is a symbol of your love and devotion, and it’s your feelings that actually count.

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