Even though dark bedrooms are perfect for sleeping, you can’t do much else in a pitch dark. If you want to use your master bedroom for more than just slumber, here’s how to properly light it. Take a look!

Consider the size of your room

Before going to the store you should determine the size of your bedroom. Measure your room, mark all outlets and furniture pieces. Now the experts in the store will be able to see what sort of lighting you actually need and if it’s possible to give you what you want.

Don’t forget about the height

Your bedroom height will probably measure somewhere between 2.4 and 2.8 meters and that’s not that high. Better avoid low hanging fixtures and opt for the ones that are shorter or wall-mounted. You want your lights to be practical for reading, bright enough for dressing up, and high enough so it can reach all the bedroom areas.

Consider the tasks

Once you decide what to use the room for (besides sleeping) you can choose the perfect lighting for that purpose. If you want to equip your room with a computer, vanity or a cozy little reading nook, you will need appropriate light. Computers and reading spaces need direct light; sitting area will look perfect with some soft glow, and vanity asks for some bold and bright lighting.

Choose more than one source

One source of light can never be as practical and comfortable as a combination of different lighting fixtures. It’s better to get more sources with lower wattage bulbs than one overly bright light in the middle of the room.

Always opt for brighter lights

When choosing a lamp, for instance, don’t pick out the one with a shade that’s too opaque. It might look good, but it won’t be very functional. Also, make sure to check the way you turn it on and off in the store. If it’s going to be too complicated to operate it when you’re in bed half asleep, then better opt for another one.

Choose the location

Many people have lights directly over the bed and that can be very painful for the eyes sometimes. You’re bound to look at it when in bed, and if your partner doesn’t give you a heads up before turning it on, you’re in for a bright surprise. Lights at face level are much more comfortable.

Ambiance lighting

Bedroom requires a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. The easiest way to achieve that is by installing dimmers. If you’re not that handy with wires, you can call a professional electrician from Sydney who will do all the wiring and installation for you.

For avid readers

There are a couple of rules when buying portable reading lamps. A good lamp should have the option to adjust to your position. It’s important to have a good shade so that the bulb is invisible and it doesn’t bother your partner. Also, it’s a practical idea to have the switch in the middle of the headboard, so you can turn off your sleeping partner’s lamp.

Go with technology

Today there are many gadgets you can use to remotely operate your lights. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or an infrared remote to turn lights on and off or operate dimmers.

Light up your closet

Your dark closet needs a good light. You can install a closet light about 30 cm from your upper shelf, and be careful not to put a hot bulb too close to your clothes. Opt for some fluorescent lights that provide plenty of light, save electricity and are much cooler than conventional bulbs.

Now you can go light up your bedroom and enjoy it in appropriate lighting. Let it shine!

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