Moles can’t be removed with home remedies and need medical extraction. Do you want to know more about it? Well then do not miss this article on how the moles are removed.

The moles are formations of pigments that appear on your skin. The truth is that not everyone likes and some prefer to resort to some method of extraction for them. This is how you can resort to laser, cryotherapy or surgery, and there are no home remedies for eliminating them.

What are moles?

The most common definition that corresponds to the moles is that which speaks of small cutaneous formations, usually dark, that develop from the pigment-producing cells of the skin. The truth is that some people do not want to rely on them anymore and want to remove them from their complexion. But the question is how to remove a mole

How to know if a mole is bad

Being a delicate mole (can become malignant) it is essential that you consult with your dermatologist previously. First, your doctor will ask you a series of questions, including whether the mole changes color, size or shape lately, how long you have it, and so on.

In case you believe it necessary you will extract a small sample, called biopsy to be sent to analyze and have a more accurate result. There you will make the right decision as to what to do with it. Do not be alarmed, most of the time the moles are removed for aesthetic reasons and not for being malignant, but it never hurts to perform some routine exams.

If all goes well, you will have a talk with your dermatologist where they will evaluate the different techniques to remove a mole from the skin.

The method for removing it does not depend so much on the area where the mole is located, but rather on its size.

How to Remove Moles

Yes, the moles can be removed, but what is the best option to remove a mole on the face? And one on the forehead? Moles can appear on any part of the body, including the hands, fingers, feet and light, arms, legs, chest … anyway, anywhere in the body, even in the most intimate.

The best way to choose a method removes moles is talking to a specialist dermatologist. Surgery, laser and cryotherapy are the most common options. The size of the mole is the first point to decide how to remove a mole, but not the only one. The surgery leaves scars more visible than others, so it is often avoided on the face to avoid unwanted marks, it is also the most chosen option for large moles. The decision on how to get a mole of meat is in the hands of your doctor, although you can always chat to inform and choose between the two.

  1. Surgery

One of the most common answers to how to remove a mole is surgery, however, this may not be the best option for some body parts, since it is possible that a small scar. The surgery involves applying local anesthesia, making a small incision, completely eliminating the mole, and then perform stitches.

These stitches are removed one week after surgery (as with any similar procedure) and then it all depends on your scarring, some people end up with a scar that bothers them more than the mole itself. Although with the current creams and treatments it is possible to clarify enough.

This intervention is ideal for large moles, but there is also a similar method for smaller moles, which is called “shaving”, also with local anesthesia the lunar is “cut”, with the risk that it may reappear. The good thing is that this method does not leave a scar or a very tiny one.

  1. Laser

Advances in health and beauty treatments make everyday laser treatments change the ideas on how to remove the moles and so new options appear to do so. Removing a mole with a laser is simpler and may or may not require anesthesia.

Usually used on the face, but can be applied anywhere on the body. It does not require you to enter an operating room and can be performed at a beauty center (as long as they are trusted).

The laser application lasts for a few minutes, eliminates and cauterizes the area, so the scar that leaves can be infirm, as long as the intervention is well done.

  1. Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy, like the other methods reviews, should be performed by a professional, otherwise, it could hurt your skin and leave scars. This technique was originally used only to treat warts, its effectiveness made it think that it could also be used to treat moles, a fact proven.

It is based on the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze your moles, destroying them without damaging the surrounding skin tissue. Usually requires local anesthesia, which is applied directly on the area to work.

Both in cryotherapy and laser can suffer redness and swelling, as well as the formation of a kind of blister and shell in the treated area. But do not be scared, it is completely normal and as long as you follow the care indicated by your doctor and do not remove it you will not suffer scars or any type of mark.

  1. Cream

In the market there are different brands that commercialize cream to remove moles, however, it is something with which you have to be careful. Some may not change anything, but others may damage your skin. These mole removal creams are formulated with chemicals that penetrate the mole and reach the skin, but they eliminate leaving deep marks on the skin.

On the other hand, no cream will let you know if it is a cancerous mole or not, so the best and only option is to go to a dermatologist, do the corresponding studies and then derive the treatment as necessary.

What else do you need to know about moles?

If you are looking for more specific information to eradicate those moles that you do not like or worry about, pay attention to the following.

  • How to remove moles from the face: It is not the same thing to remove a mole from the face than from any other part of the body. For that very reason, you must take into account the particular methods for that purpose.
  • How much it costs to remove a mole: It does not look the same everywhere and prices vary widely throughout the world. It also depends on the type of mole you need to remove.
  • What care must be taken to avoid them? It’s nothing new that practitioners warn about how to avoid and care for skin moles. Although they usually appear for genetic reasons, unprotected age and sun exposure can generate moles and are not usually benign.
  • Never try to eliminate a mole by yourself, it can be very painful and dangerous if you want to “operate” and no less invasive home remedy is effective.

In each type of treatment, your doctor will tell you what care you should take after doing it because the skin has been mistreated and needs to recover. You may be given some medications or creams and the blister, scab or crust that forms will go away (like when you hurt) between one and three weeks after treatment. Follow all the instructions.


  1. Very well written post. Just to add, this post could also have included mole removal cost (at length) for various procedures and if home remedies are worth trying. If yes, under what circumstances. Moreover, all the removal procedures are not explained here.

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