Nobody is immune to the plight in life that is an adverse financial situation. Nobody. Not you. Not your family. Not your friends. Nobody. And it is for this reason why us human beings should always be seeking to help one another out when it comes to facing adverse financial situations. It is for this reason why we should all know how to spot the signs of somebody who is struggling financially.

To learn of just a few of the signs to look out that may very well signify that somebody you know, or anybody at all for that matter may be struggling with their finances, make sure to read on.

An avoidance when it comes to spending, and using every excuse under the sun to explain why

The first sign that somebody is struggling financially is them avoiding all forms of spending, so make sure you’re looking out for it. And, make sure you are keeping a keen eye out for it, at that, because most of the time the signs are given to prove it will be subtle and easy to miss. For instance, these signs could come in the form of your friend canceling when it comes to plans you’ve already made together, and them continuing to cancel on plans in the future, blaming their new canceling habit on anything but money woes. These signs could come in the form of them refusing to go anywhere in their car due to fuel costs and then, instead of admitting the truth, telling you it is because their car is broken (when you know or suspect otherwise). Or these signs could in the form of them only ever drinking tap water when out with you and then citing a desire to be healthier as their reason why.

Basically, if you see somebody skimping out on things they normally have no problem spending on, and then making excuses up to explain their actions, then they are probably struggling financially.

A distinct and severe loss of weight

Adverse financial situations are tough and they take their toll on people, there is no denying that. And, one way in which they can take their toll on people is by leading them to distinct and severe weight loss. And, if you were to see this in a friend of yours, coupled with the avoidance of spending that is documented above, you should take it to mean that they are indeed struggling.

And you should then seek to help them — and this doesn’t necessarily mean providing them with financial assistance directly yourself. No, first and foremost you should seek to help them by talking to them. Yes, whether they like it or not you must talk to them. And, once you’ve gotten to the bottom of what exactly is causing them so much stress, you should try to ease their situation. For instance, if their stress is induced by the risks of being financially unstable, then you should point them in the direction of a form of financial assistance that comes risk-free, such as a signature loan. Yes, if your friend’s financial situation is adverse enough to warrant the taking out of a loan, yet they seemingly can’t deal with the risks of doing so, then you should have no qualms in pointing them in such a direction. Doing so might not just save their wallet, it might save their life too.

By taking heed of the advice above you might just help any friend of yours that struggles with their finances turn their life around. Yes, you might just help them become a financial rockstar!

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