How to Stay Motivated to Workout in Home Backed by Science

You are reading this post because you wanted to know how to stay motivated while working out alone at home. I don’t know what for what reason you don’t want to workout in the gym maybe you can’t afford the gym membership fee or you don’t like working out in a sweaty environment.

Whatever your reason will be, working out from home carries their own downsides. Which includes you will be less motivated, and you less likely to hit your max while working out. You will be working out alone there will be no partners for you to accompany while working out.

It’s very easy to get demotivated while working out in the home.

In this post, I’ll be present in some of the proven tips that you can use right now to get a good motivation to work out from your home. Most of these tips I present to you is by my personal experience and worked for me like a charm.

#1. Follow a schedule of workouts

It may seem like a simple trick, but it can actually make a lot of boost in motivation to workout.

You want to first prepare your workout schedule while working out from home because working out without any schedule will easily overwhelm you and you will be uncertain when the workout will be completed.

You need to decide a schedule for how many days you will be working out maybe like alternate days or maybe only on weekdays and not on weekend. How many hours or minutes you’ll be working out in your home or a closet? When do you workout morning or evening?

The moment you are clear about your schedule it will be very easy for you to stay motivated while working out alone. Or else, when you are unsure about how long you workout, you will become less motivated.

#2. Keep a workout log and set goals

While working out at home there will be no one to accompany you to push you up for doing good workouts. That’s where the motivation drops. Considering this, having achievable goals and getting near to it day by day will help you stay motivated throughout months.

You need to also have a mechanism to track the progress of the goals. That’s where keeping a workout log comes handy. You can also make use of some dedicated apps like Simple Workout Log or Strong Workout Tracker to make your life a little bit easier.

Having a goal in your mind tricks your subconscious mind to keep your body motivated to achieve a particular goal. Having a goal and tracking your progress will help you motivated no matter where you workout.

It’s all in your head!

#3. Reward yourself

Past week I’ve been reading an excellent book called the Power of Habit. It was written by  Charles Duhigg, and in this book, the author has managed to lucidly explain how to develop a new positive habit and break your old habit.

Here is how you can implement my learnings in that book to improve your motivation while working out alone at home. For learning any new habit whether it be working out or smoking a Cigar, there should be a reward and a cue.

For example, if you take smoking as an habit, the reward is nothing but a kick you get. Now, while walking down the street or thinking alone if you get any thoughts related to smoking or see anything even distantly related to smoking, it will act as a trigger or a cue, and you will grab one cigarette at a local store. Again you get a reward. This cycle continues.

What you can do is, you can treat yourself to a cookie or a chocolate after an intense workout. You can even place your running shoes in front of your bed so that you will see them immediately when you wake up and get motivated to run on a treadmill or on the road. For any habit to be continuous, there should be continuous cues and rewards for it. Perhaps you can frame your own habit-forming loop for a workout.

#4. Wear your workout clothes and shoes

While starting to work out you may be tempted only to wear your regular pajamas or nightwear. But the fact is that to set the right workout mood in, you need to consider wearing the workout clothes and the real shoes as if, you are working out in a real gym.

This will help you to stay committed to your workout, and perhaps not retire back to bed when working out early in the morning.

Workout shoes will help you to push working out even harder,  than working out barefooted.

#5. Turn on the speakers or put on earbuds

This is also quite related to the habit formation mechanism. Whenever you are working out in a good environment listening to your favourite song, the chances of you getting motivated the next day to start working out will be higher.

If you are not able to put out loud songs in your home, you can consider wearing any earbuds  that preferably are wireless.

To keep motivated, it’s not the workouts you did matter. It’s the experience of the workout that increases your willingness to workout.

Wrap up

These are some of the proven ways which can use to keep motivated while working out at home.

At first, for some days or even months working out at home may seem like an impossible job for workout motivation. But when you start implementing the techniques that I have mentioned in the blog post properly, you will soon realise how easy will it be to work out at home.

I hope you loved this blog post I am looking forward for your views.

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