Moving into a care home can be an overwhelming, emotional experience for a senior and their loved ones. However, it is more than likely the best decision for their health, happiness, and quality of life.

It is never easy for a senior to say goodbye to their home, especially if they have lived at the property for many years. Fortunately, many tactics can make the transition much easier for your relative, which will ensure they soon feel at home at a facility. Find out how to help a loved one adjust to care home living.

Organize Respite Care or a Trial Period

Many care homes understand how emotional the moving process can be for a resident and their loved ones. For this reason, a reputable facility might be happy to provide respite care or a trial period to help a senior adjust to their new surroundings.

Respite care is a great way to gradually introduce the idea of permanent care to your loved one. The short break at a facility will help them become more familiar with a setting, its amenities, and its activities, making the experience less daunting.

Alternatively, a trial period will reassure a loved one that they are free to leave the facility if they aren’t 100% happy following the first 28 days.

Choose the Perfect Care Home

The care home you choose should feel like a home away from home as soon as your loved one arrives. For this reason, you should visit different facilities near you to ensure your relative will feel happy and cared for throughout the years.

For example, Signature care homes provides spacious studios and one-bedroom suites to suit residents’ needs. It also offers many activities to improve physical activity and mental stimulation, such as a cinema, spa bathrooms, activities lounge, hair salon, nail bar, a well-stocked library, and much more. It will allow them to embrace a healthier social life and feel fulfilled each day.

Bring Familiar Items

A few familiar items might make a loved one feel more relaxed at a care home. For example, they could place their treasured family photos on a chest of drawers or shelf, hang their favorite work of art on a wall, use their bedding, or your chosen facility may allow a new resident to bring their much-loved armchair.

Visit Your Loved One Regularly

Many seniors worry about losing touch with their relatives and friends once they enter a care home. Reassure a loved one by visiting regularly and enjoying fun activities together that will bring them comfort, such as browsing family photos, watching TV, or reminiscing about family events or funny moments. Visits from familiar faces could help a senior adjust at a quicker rate and feel loved and supported.

Adjusting to a care home can take time and patience. However, the above top tips could help your loved one make a smoother transition to a facility while improving their quality of life.

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